February 23, 2024
Erotipodia Original Stories

Arabella is an attractive BBW who contacted me through an online classified ad that I placed some years back. She was to meet me at my home at 7pm on a Wednesday. When the day arrived, I got off work and hurried home, anxious to meet her and be under her feet. I saw a few photos of her in text and knew just a bit about her dominant nature and her background as a Dom on the side.

I had just finished getting my cameras ready when she knocked on the door. I let her in and looked her over as she passed by me. She’s about 5’6, about 250lbs with beautiful large size 10 feet. She walked into the living room and I followed, mesmerized by her feet and the strong calves under her sleek black stockings. She wore a black dress that was cut low in the front…not too low, but low enough to make you stare a bit. She sat on the couch and we talked, with me telling her what I needed to do on this shoot. She agreed to everything without hesitation and then said, “Do you want me to take off my dress?” I had no clue what to say to her. I’d never had a model be that forward with a session! I told her we’d get to that in a bit.

We first started with some posed shots of her in the rocker. She loved the feel of someone under her feet. I lay there, her large size 10’s pushing and prodding into my belly as the camera snapped off photo after photo. God her feet were warm! The wide sole fit just perfectly onto my ribs, making me want to just lay there and not get up. She made me massage her feet and that got her going. She began to really get into it, breathing heavier and occasionally letting out a soft moan when I’d massage “just right”. At one point she put her left foot down on my throat and held me there as I massaged, my trachea crunching under her wide sole. When she started enjoying it more, her foot was pressed down onto my windpipe harder. I never stopped rubbing. I wanted to satisfy this Goddess.

Realizing I couldn’t very well sleep under her feet, I knew I had to get on with the photo shoot. We moved over to the fireplace where she could have something to hold onto. It seems that she didn’t need it, she had wonderful balance. That, coupled with the fact that her foot sank so deeply into my belly that it felt like she was stepping on the floor anyway helped her to maintain good solid footing for the evening as she trampled me flat. Standing over me before the camera rolled, she put a foot down onto my crotch, reached behind her back and unzipped her dress. It fell gracefully to the floor. She shifted her full weight onto my cock and stepped out of the dress as I laid there groaning, my nuts crushed under her foot. She giggled for a moment and then let me up to turn on the camera. Her first step onto my stomach was amazing. This big beautiful woman was going to trample me head to toe…

BBW in nylons trampling a man

Her heel dug into my belly and I just lost muscle control in my stomach. My breath came out in a whoosh as she sank into me and stepped up. I just lay there, my eyes closed in pleasure. She noticed this right off and smiled down at me. She walked up my stomach, onto my chest and stepped off over my head. I let out a sigh and took a deep breath. She turned and placed her foot back down onto my sternum and walked back down, almost crushing my dick under one heavy step in the process. I lay there as her trample mat for what seemed like an eternity as she walked back and forth on my body like a plank. She stepped onto the fireplace and using one foot, she’d step backwards onto my stomach, forcing her full weight onto one foot. I was crushed numerous times this way, each time feeling as though I were being mashed into the carpet.

woman in nylons trampling a mans stomach by a fireplace

When that grew tiring she decided to try a few stomps. Oh my god that was heaven. Those large feet came battering down into my body and I just laid there as an obedient servant as she’d giggle, stomp, see my reaction and stomp me again. After a few minutes of stomping fun, she decided to try some light kicking. She had me turn on my side and lay with my back against the fireplace so I wouldn’t move around too much. Now I had nowhere to go as she pulled her foot back and let loose with a few kicks into my belly. Her toes sank into me as I lay there, helpless before her as she kicked me over and over in the stomach. When the camera stopped rolling she was still prodding and stomping into my rib cage. She only stopped when it beeped because the battery was dead. I smiled weakly as I crawled shakily on my hands and knees over to the camera. I turned it off and she sat on my couch, out of breath.
“Wanna do that again sometime?” she asked. Of course I did…and I had the chance to when she came to work for Monique.

man laying on his side against a fireplace while a woman kicks his stomach

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