October 3, 2023
Erotipodia Original Stories

First off, this is a true story. So if you’re offended by female on male violence, leave now.

Yeah, that’s what I thought 😉

Many years ago I lived with a beautiful younger woman who knew about and LOVED my fetish. She had a dominant/submissive side to her too. We made a good match. One afternoon when I got home from work early I found a note that she and one of our mutual friends (who also knew about my fetish) had gone out to do some shopping and should be home soon. There was a bottle of scotch in the pantry and when they got back, we were all going to smoke some weed and have some scotch together.

I waited for about an hour before I got bored and decided to break into the bottle. It wasn’t the best stuff, but after the shitty day I had, it was still good. One glass turned into two and then three. I don’t know how many I had when they got home. All I know is that I was on the couch, drunk as fuck when they got home. My girlfriend was PISSED. Our friend was amused at first. That was, until my girlfriend dragged me off the couch by my ankle and began stomping on me.

I love feet and trample so I laid back, but she was genuinely angry. Before I knew it, she was leaving marks and bruises on me. She stomped several times before stamping up onto my body with both feet. She stood and jumped on me about 3 or 4 times before landing on my chest.

Still standing on my chest, she stomped my face several times. At first I thought “Oh, no way she’s going to stomp my face. She’s going to fake me out….” then her sole slammed down on my nose. It didn’t break, but instantly tears came into my eyes. I turned my head fast enough so that the next few stomps caught the side of my head.

She stepped off and told me, “Crawl back over there and lay down!”. She motioned to our friend and as I crawled back over to the couch, I suddenly found them on either side of me. They began kicking me repeatedly in the stomach as I crawled back and laid down in front of the couch.

As soon as I laid down, our friend stepped onto my stomach and sat on the couch as my girlfriend went to the kitchen to get the scotch. I laid there the rest of the evening while they used me as a footrest and drank the scotch by themselves

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