December 9, 2022

Years ago I was employed at a large mansion. The owners, Tanya and William, lived there along with their 18yr old son, Billy. William was always gone on business, so it was always just me, Tanya and Billy around the house along with the cleaning crew. The main house was usually empty and open. As head of security, I had a small room off the main foyer of the house. Billy was a spoiled kid. Fat, lazy, entitled. From the moment I came on board with the family, he was constantly trying to boss me around. I took my orders from his mom and dad, but Billy always tried to have authority over me as well. He found my weakness one evening as I was laying on my floor watching TV in my room. He walked in and without a word walked across the room and stepped on me like I was nothing but a piece of trash on the floor. I groaned as his huge foot sank into my abdomen, but I made no moves to stop him or chide him. He looked down as he passed over and smiled. I didn’t complain. This only caused him to turn and do it to me again.

This act of submission to him just made him more aggressive over the next few months. It turns out Billy was a bit of a sadist. He would come into the room and step up on me, only to stand and bounce on one foot until he’d crushed all the breath out of me and I was groaning deeply with each heavy bounce. The bouncing and stomach torture continued for months. He always came into my room after his mother had gone to her room for the night. When the maid brought Tanya her evening hot cocoa Tanya would turn on the TV in her room, close the door and sip her cocoa while enjoying her shows. As soon as her door closed, Billy would walk into my room.
After he realized that I was just a slut for foot punishment, he turned the torture up a notch. One evening he walked into the room and instead of stepping across my stomach, he walked up and put his huge fat foot squarely down on my crotch. What could I do? His millionaire parents paid my salary, put me up in this room and took care of my expenses. I laid there and let their son molest me with his feet. For the next 2-3 minutes, Billy stood there, rubbing his foot all over my groin. My dick was rock hard when he lined his foot up on it and shifted his full weight onto my dick. I groaned loudly as my testicles were crushed and my dick was flattened into my stomach.

This became a regular occurrence. Every evening after his mom was in bed watching TV with her cocoa, Billy would slip in and stand on my genitals. I was cheap entertainment for him. He didn’t have to worry about harming someone outside the family and bringing shame on the family name. He didn’t have to hire a prostitute to put up with his sadistic stomping and trampling. He could torture the security guy for free. Each night, he’d start our evening one of four ways. He’d come in and stand both feet on my crotch and just stand there; he’d come in and use my balls as a steppingstone as he walked up onto my stomach; he’d walk over and just give me a hard flat-footed stomp on the dick or he’d walk up and give a swift kick to my nuts. Every one of them caused me to groan deeply which he seemed to enjoy.

The final act of domination over me came very late one night. I had fallen asleep on the floor in front of the couch while watching some old X-Files reruns. I was sleeping soundly, the TV was on quietly in the background and the blue glow of the screen dimly lit the room. I believe I was even snoring. Billy must have walked past my room and seen me asleep on the floor. I was awakened by the feel of a huge foot being put ever so gently down on the side of my head. He was trying not to wake me up. I didn’t move. I pretended to be asleep as I felt his other foot come down slowly and rest on my bare stomach. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, so I laid there trying to look upwards between his toes. I felt his feet moving slightly on my stomach and head and then I heard him breathing. He was using me as a footrest and he was sitting on the couch masturbating. He took his time. I laid there the entire time, pretending to be asleep. Several times he moved his foot from my stomach over to my dick. He felt around through my shorts until he found it, then pinned my cock down against my leg with his heel while he stroked himself. After what seemed like an eternity laying there in the dark and listening to his heavy breathing, he came. He came hard. He let out a soft, almost inaudible moan as I felt his toes scrunch up on my belly. I heard him take a deep breath and sigh. He was spent. He got up off the couch and walked out of my room for the night