December 11, 2023
Girl standing on mans stomach

Brats – Amber 2

A few months had passed since I last saw Amber. She’d gotten busy and didn’t have time for guitar lessons lately. One day out of the blue her mother called me and told me she’d be dropping her off. I already had my gear set up in my upstairs room, so I was ready. I was also remembering that foot to the face she gave me last time. I wondered if she’d remember it too, and if she’d thought any more about the trampling she’d done. I wasn’t going to ask though.

She arrived at my doorstep and as she came in, I told her the studio was upstairs and she could take her guitar up there. I asked if she’d like a drink as I prepared myself a soda. She shook her head “No”, smiled at me and kicked off her shoes by my front door and headed upstairs. I watched her little bare feet going up each step as I followed her up.

Usually, it was only me by myself in my studio room, practicing and jamming on my guitar…so I only had one chair. She walked in and promptly sat down on the chair and started taking her guitar out of the case. I already knew where I wanted to sit. I wanted to see what she’d do. I took my guitar off the wall and sat down on the floor in front of her. She immediately put her warm foot on my thigh as a footrest and said, “Ah, there we go!” as she adjusted her guitar on her lap. That was it. Not only did I have my answer of whether or not she remembered, it seemed that she’d claimed me. She had no hesitation in just putting her feet on me now.

The lesson went on a little longer than we usually do, mostly because I didn’t want to stop being her footrest. If I showed her a chord and she wasn’t able to do it correctly or she made a mistake playing a riff, she’d get this irritated little frown and stomp her foot onto my thigh like a princess throwing a tantrum. To which I’d calmly respond and tell her to try again. I let the lesson go on until she got tired of it. She didn’t have any specific time she was supposed to go home, she just needed to call her mom for a ride when we were done. As she was putting her guitar into the case and I was hanging mine on the wall, my cat ran into the room. He wasn’t really a social animal around people he didn’t know, but he’d met Amber a couple of times now. However, he still wasn’t sure of her. As soon as he ran into the room and spotted her, he ran back out the door and down the stairs. I spotted my chance. I walked right outside the studio door and laid next to the guard railing that overlooked the stairs.

From my point there, I could look down and see my cat sitting at the bottom of the steps, waiting to come back up when he thought it was clear. I called his name and he came up one step. “Ooo! Is he coming up?” I heard Amber ask from the studio. “No,” I said, “he’s just sitting on the bottom steps looking up at me. Do you want to come here and call him?” I knew what I was doing. Amber got up from the chair, walked over to the railing and stepped up onto my stomach with both feet. She looked over the railing and saw my cat sitting there, staring back up at us. “Call him a few times,” I told her, hoping to keep her on my stomach as long as I could. She called his name and he looked perplexed. He could see my face on the floor, looking through the railing, and he saw her standing up, calling him. He took another step up. Amber grinned a huge grin and bounced lightly on my stomach. “He’s coming!” she said as she bounced again. I just laid there, mesmerized and watching her feet bounce up and down on me, feeling my insides squish and grind under her soles.

Suddenly, she stomped my chest. “Did you hear me?” she said. I nodded “Yes” and told her to call him some more. I looked back at her bare feet, standing tiptoed on my belly as she leaned carefully over the rail. She was now chanting his name and bouncing on my stomach in rhythm with her chant. My eyes rolled back in my head and I just laid my head back on the floor and enjoyed it. She sang to him and bounced on me for a good 5 minutes trying to get that dumb cat to come to the top of the stairs, but he never did.

She let out a little pouting noise, frowned down at me and stomped me on the chest one more time before stepping off. She grabbed her guitar case from the studio room, walked across my stomach on her way to the stairs and went down to my living room to call her mom. I just laid there for a moment, gathering myself after that squishing. I peeled myself off the floor and quickly grabbed some prepared guitar lessons practices that I had printed. I went downstairs and gave them to her, telling her to make sure she works on these, and I’d see her again next week. She just smiled as she held the phone to her ear and dialed her mother. Oh yes…I’d see her again next week.

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