October 3, 2023
Erotipodia Original Stories

Donna was a lovely BBW. At 315lbs and with pretty, size 11 feet, it was no wonder that I picked this co-worker out of all the others to open up to about my fetish. She thought it was awesome, and it lead to quite a few trample experiences with her in and out of the workplace. One of the most memorable was an evening after work. She told me to meet her at her house. I arrived and she had her room dim, with her favorite TV show playing softly over in the corner. “Lay here,” she said, pointing to the floor at the end of her bed. I did as she told me, and laid down parallel to the bed. “No, turn and put your butt against the bed, put your legs up ON the bed” she said. She grabbed my ankles and helped me spin 90 degrees until my legs were up on the bed and I was lying flat on my back with my ass against her bed. “Very nice,” she said with a smile.

She stepped over me, locked her door, grabbed a drink and came back to her bed. This time, she stepped full weight onto my chest, twisted herself around and plopped down on the bed, sitting between my knees. She rested both feet on my groin as she made herself comfortable. I looked down and realized I was already hard, probably from the hard chest stand. She grinned and rubbed her feet back and forth on my dick. Even through the denim jeans, it was electrifying. She finished her drink, and keeping one foot on my now rock hard cock, she put her other heel into my lower abdomen and pushed hard. I must have been a sight. My eyes rolled back and I gasped. I don’t know what she hit, but she liked it too. She scooted closer to the edge of the bed, putting more weight down onto my crotch, and giving her a better, harder push into my stomach. She pushed a little harder this time and I huffed as she compressed the air out of me, but it felt amazing again and she saw that. She lightly stomped her wide heel onto that spot and she felt my dick harden. That was all she needed to know.

She began rhythmically stomping her large heel into my lower abdomen, crushing my diaphragm over and over, stopping only to give me a short breath, and then she continued stomping on me. Every time she’d lean forward, the foot on my groin would crush and smash my ball sack to one side or the other, furthering the intense waves of pleasure that were washing over me. I felt her sole pressing my genitals flat and looked up at her as she stomped me for her fun and enjoyment. And then it happened. A shock wave from my balls shot to the top of my skull as I began to orgasm. She giggled and stomped harder on my stomach as my dick pulsed under her foot. My back arched a bit and my cock began spurting inside my underwear. She didn’t care. She mashed her foot harder down onto my pulsing dick and stomped my stomach even harder. When the waves of bliss had passed, she stood up off the bed, and put one foot down on my stomach. “That was interesting,” she said with a grin. “I’ve never done that before,” I told her sheepishly. She stomped her soft wide sole another couple of times onto my stomach to make sure I was finished. “Go clean yourself up in the restroom and come back,” she said. “My show isn’t over and I’m going to need a foot rest.” I hurried to her bathroom and cleaned myself up. For the next hour she allowed me to lay underneath her feet and watch TV with her.

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