December 9, 2022
Erotipodia Original Stories

This wasn’t my first time being trampled by another guy, but it was the most interesting. Many years ago I worked at an auto parts store out on the edge of town. I was still running a trample site and I had put an ad out looking for models. One response got my attention. His name was Eduardo. He was a Hispanic guy, 6’4 with size 13 feet. My jaw dropped just reading the email. I hadn’t been trampled by a guy in some time and I was interested to experience this. We started emailing back and forth to arrange times. I worked a lot and he was on the other side of town and worked too. Emails soon turned into texts and we began to talk more and I explained my site and about the trample fetish. I mentioned to him that I’d been trampled a few times and the mistress standing on me had commanded me to jack off like a loser under her soles. That got Eduardo. He seemed to latch onto that idea and we talked more about that. We made plans for him to stand on my submissive body and he would play with himself and jack off.

He finally got a day off work and drove to the auto parts store where I was closing for the night. I saw the car he’d described to me pull up in the parking lot. Waving another manager over, I walked off the floor for a break. I walked out to Eduardo’s car and got in the passenger side. He looked enormous sitting there in the drivers seat. Instinctively I looked down at his feet. His huge flip flops dwarfed the gas and break pedals. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. He chuckled, “Are they OK?”. I turned beet red and looked up at him. “Yes, they’re very nice” I told him. We chatted for a few more minutes before he asked, “So do you want to do this now?”. “I can’t,” I told him. “There are other managers on duty. The place is swarming with people.” We talked for a few more moments trying to find a time. We decided to keep in touch via text and I’d let him know ASAP.

Little did I know that in a few days our whole town would be hit by a hurricane. Everyone’s power was out, including our store. I was still expected to show up to work and just use flashlights to move around the store. This worked out OK and I even opened the back door to allow a breeze and some more light into the stockroom. Then I realized it. I had the perfect chance now. I sent a quick text to Eduardo. It was meant to happen. He had the day off from his work, which had flooded out. We decided that I’d meet him at the back door. I would take my lunch so as to be in the backroom already. We kept in touch to make sure plans hadn’t changed and at the right time, I took my break. I walked into the backroom and looked around. Where the hell could I do this?? What if someone walked into the backroom? I had an idea. All my employees were male. 99% of my customers were male. When Eduardo arrived and walked through the backdoor, I said “Follow me” and headed straight for the womens restroom. It was dark. It would have been too dark if it weren’t for the soft emergency light coming in from under the door. “How do you want to do this?” Eduardo asked. “I’ll lay here to give you something to lean on, hold on to, etc.” He walked over to a wall, leaned against it and began removing his sneakers and socks. I walked over and laid down in front of the sink.

The restroom wasn’t too big, so my head was almost touching one wall by the sink, and my feet almost touching the other by the toilet. I pulled my shirt off and laid down, waiting for Eduardo. He looked over at me in the dim light while removing his socks and said, “Pants down too”. For a moment, shame and embarrassment flushed over me. The adrenaline surged and I felt the submissive side take over, so I grabbed my pants and underwear and pulled them all the way down to my ankles. I was now practically naked, lying on the cold tile on a public restroom floor. He walked over to me, placed his right foot across my stomach and bent over. The pressure was intense and my cock surged. He grabbed my hard dick in his right hand and squeezed. I flinched. He couldn’t see my face turn red in the dark, but it did. “You have a nice dick,” he said as he released me. Shifting all his weight onto my stomach, he brought his left foot up and put it firmly on my chest. He stood there looking down at me for a moment before turning around and softly marching up and down on my stomach with both feet. I just moaned, my eyes rolling back. With each step down, my hard dick flopped up and down. Amused, he turned to look down at me. He stepped both feet onto my chest and began unzipping his pants. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but I was just the slave, the submissive…so I just laid there. He picked up his right foot and put it flat down on my face. Again, instinct kicked in. It was a foot. A huge foot, pressing down on my face. I kissed his soft smooth sole. He pushed down a little harder and I kissed it again. He removed his foot and I was looking up at him holding his big dick in his hand, looming over me in the dark.

He didn’t say a word to me, but turned to face the mirror and sink and began stroking himself. In the dark I looked down at my body, crushed and flattened under his large soles. His left foot was pressed down on my chest, flattening my ribcage and looking at his huge heel pressing into my skin just got me. My dick, already hard, just stood straight up. He must have felt it and looked down at me. He picked his right foot up off my stomach and stepped it down onto my rock hard cock. “Not till I’m done,” he said, and went back to taking care of himself. A few times he dug his bare heel into my chest in ecstasy as he’d hit a sensitive spot and shiver. My cock was throbbing under his sole. It was smashed into my stomach and I could feel every pulse. Suddenly he stopped. I just laid there. He stepped off of me and put the lid down on the toilet. He sat down and put his feet on me, using my naked crotch as a footrest. His huge feet made my dick look so small. He dug a bare heel into my ball sack and stroked himself harder as I tried to be quiet. I just laid there, watching this hulk of a man use my genitals to rest his feet on.

After a few moments, he stood back up and stepped onto my body again. He stood one foot on my stomach. “Turn your head,” he told me. I turned my head all the way to the right and he stepped his left foot down firmly on my head. Opening my left eye, I could see half of his large heel hanging off my forehead obstructing the rest of my vision. “I want you to jack off now,” he told me. The adrenaline surge again. I couldn’t see anything but his heel and the floor in front of me, so I brought my right hand to my face and spit into my palm. That satisfied him, and he turned back to the sink as I started running my hand up and down my cock. He bounced a few times, causing me to groan and huff short breaths. He liked crushing me, and he was jacking off to hearing me suffer under his big feet and weight. Suddenly I was electrified. Shocks went from the top of my head down to my toes as I exploded in my own hand and all over his bare foot on my stomach. He was very pleased. I laid there for another minute looking at the huge heel on the corner of my eye and listening to him breath heavily and cum into the sink. He was spent. Still standing on me, he twisted and sat down on the toilet. Submissive mode kicked in and I quickly got out from under his feet and got some wet paper towels. Practically naked with my pants around my ankles, I knelt in front of this man and cleaned my cum off his large feet and my belly. He cleaned himself up as I grabbed his socks and shoes and put them back on for him.
“We’ll have to do this again,” he said with a grin as he walked out of the restroom. I was left there to get dressed and clean out the sink after him.