December 11, 2023
Erotipodia Original Stories

Today I had the great opportunity to be a piece of human furniture for a Goddess. I arrived at her house for a little visit (and I was secretly hoping to be trampled by her). She let me in and I followed her into her living room, closing the door behind me. She had just moved into this new home and her new furniture hadn’t arrived yet. The place was bare, save for a large TV sitting on the floor and a few boxes sitting around that she was using as tables. Once her furniture was delivered, it would probably be my job to put it together and move her living room around according to her wishes.

We sat on the floor for a bit, discussing where she would want each piece. She finished with “And my ‘throne’ will go right here!”, referring to a large comfortable chair she’d ordered. “Do you want to see it before it gets here?” she asked me. Of course I did! She got up from the floor and walked to her kitchen where she grabbed a magazine from the counter top and walked back over to me. She looked me square in the eyes and said “I’m not sitting back on that floor. Carpet or not, it’s still hard on my ass. Make me a chair,” she said. We’ve played this game before. I laid down on my back and bent my knees to give her something to lean against. She stood over me and then sat down on my stomach, leaned her back against my knees and with a little bend of her knees, rested her feet on my face.

“Oh, this is great!” she said. “I’ve been sitting on the floor and on boxes since the move yesterday. A Goddess shouldn’t have her ass on a hard floor, now, should she?” she asked me. She removed her feet from my face long enough for me to say, “Of course not!” and then placed her soles back on my face. I heard her flipping through the magazine, stopping on pages here and there and making little “ooo” and “ahh!” noises as she saw things that sparked her interest. She took her feet off my face and leaned forward, showing me the chair she’d ordered from the magazine. “It’ll go right over there, and you’ll lay right in front of it,” she said with a smile. She took a sip of her drink, sat back and put her feet back on my face.

Just as she did, the doorbell rang. “Come in!” she yelled. A slight shock of embarrassment shot through me as the door opened. She took her feet off my face, but didn’t get up off of me. “That needs to go over there, and that one over there,” she pointed around. The room was suddenly full of guys carrying in boxes of unassembled furniture. Her order had arrived. One guy, obviously the boss of the group, stepped up to her and looked at me down on the floor, her still sitting on my stomach. He kept a straight face and said “I’m going to need a signature right here, ma’am.” as he handed her the digital work order. She put her drink down, took his tablet, signed her name and gave it back to him with a smile. He smiled, gave her a “Thank you,” and looked down at me one more time before calling his guys together and leaving. As soon as he’d shut the door behind himself and was gone, she stood up and walked to the kitchen. “It’s about lunch time, what are you making for us?” I rolled over on the floor and got up to make my way to the kitchen. It’s good to have Goddess friends!

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