October 3, 2023
Erotipodia Original Stories

The first time I was ever trampled by Daisy was when we were kids. We’ve been friends ever since. Now that we’re grown and aged a bit, she still loves trampling on me any chance she gets. She’s not shy about it and over the years has often stepped on me and hopped around on my stomach right in her living room in front of her daughter, Tiffany. Tiffany grew up knowing me and knowing I love feet and trample. She always saw her mother do it, and now that she was a grown young lady at age 18, Daisy told her that I had a website where I had people walk all over me all the time. She was intrigued. Tiffany had thought all these years that Daisy and I were taking photos and videos for ourselves. We laughed about it for a bit and Tiffany said she’d love to do a trample/jumping clip.

We set everything up in the living room, moved all the furniture and I laid down a mattress on the floor. Even though Tiffany had seen us do this a dozen times, she was still looking at the whole scene like she’d just seen it for the first time. “So people like to watch these clips?” she said as we set up cameras. “Yep, they do!” Daisy told her. “Just hop up and do what I tell you. It’ll be fun!”. We set the cameras to roll and I stripped of f my shirt and laid on the mattress. Almost immediately, Daisy ran and hopped onto my chest. She was facing my legs and began bouncing up and down, her soft feet pressing me over and over into the mattress. Tiffany stood there for a moment, watching in amusement as her mother stood on my chest with her bare feet.

It was all making sense to her now. She grinned from ear to ear as she stripped off her sneakers and socks. She walked quickly over to my side and asked her mother, “Where do I stand? What do you want me to do??”. Daisy took her hands and motioned for her to step her feet onto my lower belly and step up, facing her. Tiffany did as she said and soon the two were standing on my chest and stomach, facing one another and holding hands for balance. Tiffany looked down at me and giggled and pinched my stomach with her toes. I was too busy with the nice view I had over her mothers pretty feet pressing into my chest, of her smooth, shapely calves and her thighs and ass… my thoughts were cut short as Tiffany jumped on my stomach once. I’d gotten so mesmerized I didn’t realize Daisy was instructing her on how to stomp down a slave. I laid there as mother coached daughter on heel stomping, grinding someone in the stomach and bouncing up and down. Daisy held one hand on the wall and helped Tiffany balance with the other as Tiffany started jumping up and down on my stomach, over and over and over. Daisy gently brought one foot backwards and touched my face. I kissed her sole and heard Tiffany yell “Oh my fucking god, mom. He’s hard and I just landed heel first on his dick. Oh my god..” Daisy was laughing standing there on my chest. Tiffany had stepped off and was laughing. “Trade me places,” was all Daisy said. Without stepping off of me, Daisy walked down onto my stomach and turned to face me. Tiffany walked back over and, still giggling, stepped up onto my chest where here mom had been standing. I felt bad for a moment as I looked at her feet stomping on my chest and looked up at her legs. She’s just as beautiful and shapely as her mother, I thought to myself. While the thought was to myself, the eyes weren’t and Daisy gave me a quick kick in the nuts to let me know she’d seen that. She smiled and continued to help Tiffany balance.

By the time she was done “coaching” Tiffany, I think both ladies had ground my nipples raw with their bare heels, had crushed/stomped a fart out of me 3 or 4 times and had left numerous red footprints on me that stayed for about 5 minutes even after they both stepped off. It was a lovely day with two beautiful ladies 🙂

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