December 11, 2023
manager being trampled by his employee while she serves customers

Many years ago I had the opportunity to be the foot bitch under one of my more open minded employees. She loved the fact that she could literally trample on the boss-man and took advantage of that frequently over my course of time at that storefront. Many times she would wait on customers, unbeknownst to them that the manager of the store was pinned by the neck underneath the woman serving them

1 thought on “My Employee’s Foot Bitch

  1. Yes, this is something to experience. Imagine the strain to keep silent. The trampling woman’s posture and be so cool about it. Relaxed when the customers asking questions about the number of things taking their time as much as the trampling lady does taking time to answer. I would love to meet a woman like that.

    When trampling is at its best!

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