October 3, 2023
Erotipodia Original Stories

We had just moved into our new office. Things were going good. We had various contractors out setting up our internet, phones, postage machines, etc. There were workers milling all around throughout the office. My boss, Monique, was sitting in her office, setting up things on her desk. I had completed setting up my office…I like as few things as possible cluttering me up. I walked into Monique’s office to see how things were going. She had just finished putting her monitor on her desk and was arranging her mouse and keyboard where she wanted them. She called me over and asked me to help her get her computer into the desk. About that time the network tech walked in and began asking her questions about how she wanted things set up. She showed me where she wanted her computer and then sat down in her chair and began answering the network tech. A few moments later the phone tech walked to her door and patiently waited his turn to ask questions and get direction on the new setup. I continued attaching cords and setting the computer into the desk as Monique sat back in her chair and kicked off her high heels.
“Ahhh that’s much better!” she said as she rubbed her feet back and forth on the carpet. I caught the sight out of the corner of my eye but tried not to make it too obvious. Her red painted toes traced circles on the carpet as she answered question after question from the network guy. I could tell she was getting irritated. He should know this stuff, I thought.

I asked her how she wanted her mouse run. It seemed that her desk was pushed back against the wall when they put it together and there was NO way I could move that big thing to reach behind it and feed the cord myself.
“Monique,” I asked, “Can you feed this cord down to me so its not running across the top of your desk?”
“Hold on one sec,” she told the network guy. The phone guy looked at his watch. He didn’t have all day for this shit.
I laid on my back, scooted under the edge of the desk and squeezed my hand as far as I could between the wall and desk.

“OK, try to drop it down here to me” I said. She tried a few times but it seemed to be hitting something. I couldn’t get my hand in there any further, and there wasn’t enough space for me to look and see. We had no idea what was hanging the cord up.
“Oh hell,” she said. Without a warning or anything, she stepped onto my stomach and leaned over her desk, looking down between the wall and desk. My belly sank in as she stood on her tiptoes. I must have blushed bright red because the network guy said “hehe..looks like you’re killing him there”. She looked down at me for a second and just remarked, “He’ll live”. She fed the cord down to me and I was finally able to grab it. The phone and network guys both just stood there staring as she stepped off of me and sat back in her chair. I think they were afraid of pissing her off now because the network guy got very polite. Monique pulled her chair up closer to her desk, without concern at all that I was still lying there. I moved to one side, getting ready to get up and out from under the desk. Suddenly she put her foot down on my face! Even though I was now blinded by a soft size 7 on my eyes, I could feel the stare of the guys there in the room. Apparently Monique didn’t bat an eye.

“Is that all?” she asked the network tech.
“Um, yeah I think that’ll…do it.” I heard him say. I just lay still, not sure what to do.
“And YOU?” she asked the phone tech. He asked her a few things about the location and what she wanted on the voice mail. She crossed her legs, putting even more weight on the foot that was on my face.
“Is he OK?” I heard the phone guy ask. She chuckled softly.
“You should see what he goes through when we don’t have company,” she said. I shivered a bit. I’ve been under her many, many times here in the office. I’ve been jumped on, stomped, kicked, heel jabbed, face stepped and the list goes on. She’s trampled me in front of other employees before too, always making it out like a playful joke.
The phone guy hesitated.
“Well, I guess he should have read the job description better!” he said with an uneasy laugh.
“Oh, he follows his job description to the ‘T’” she said. Another forced laugh from the phone guy and I heard him walk away. Monique uncrossed her legs and took her foot off my face.
“You ready to get up yet?” she asked.
“Are you done with me Mistress?” I replied. She smiled at that and gave me a playful toe jab in the ribs. I took that as a “yes” and scooted out from under the desk.

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