May 28, 2023
Erotipodia Original Stories

I’d long suspected that this friend wanted my wife. We’d all been friends for years. We’ve hung out at his place, gone to concerts with him, had family BBQ’s, the whole works. Once he discovered the Goddess/cuckold relationship my wife and I have, he wanted in. He’s a handsome black guy, a bit taller than me. He and my wife made plans and set a day. That evening, he arrived with a bottle of her favorite alcohol. The two of them sat drinking and I smoked a joint as they talked about our arrangement. She told him a fantasy or two that she wanted, and he told her what he’d like to try. Being the great wife and Goddess that she is, she told him she’d like to do this while using me as a step stool. Being almost 2ft taller than her, he agreed with a laugh.

She ushered him into our room and over to my mattress. My wife sleeps on a soft bed, I sleep on a mattress on the floor at the end of the bed, at her feet. It’s a good arrangement. She walked over to my mattress and pointed. I immediately took off my shirt and laid face down on the mattress, close enough to the end of her bed where she could sit if she needed. He knew where this was going. She put one soft foot in the middle of my back and then stepped up, placing the other between my shoulder blades. He walked up to her as she stood on me and they embraced. I couldn’t see anything with my face in the mattress, but I could hear them kissing, I could hear the rustle of clothing being pushed aside as hands went underneath. For a few moments I laid there as her step stool while they made out. They were just getting warmed up.

The dim light streamed through the doorway and onto the wall, creating a sharp silhouette of their figures, embraced in a kiss. It was a moment I wished that I’d had a camera for, the shadows were that perfect. Her, standing on a blob of a shadow on the floor…me. Her figure against his larger frame, his arms wrapped around her. She’s on her tiptoes in the shadow, embracing and making out with him. His shadow grabs her ass and squeezes tightly and I hear her moan softly.

She turned towards the bed and bent over, placing her hands on the end of the mattress. I heard the zipper and watched the shadows as his pants fell to the floor beside me. I watched the shadows as he pulled out a large dick, watched as the shadow grasped my wife’s hips and watched as the shadow penetrated her. Her back arched and her head came back a bit. Her moans and gasps for breath accentuating the action I was seeing on the wall. Her toes dug into the flesh on my back as he pushed into her again. She hadn’t had something that large in awhile.

I laid there, facing the wall, my arms outstretched to give her the flattest surface I could on my back while he pounded away at her pussy. All the while I was watching the shadows. Watching as he’d pull out of her and then ram himself back into her, pitching her forward on the bed in moaning ecstasy. I saw her shadow fall forward onto the bed, onto her elbows as he pulled out and did it over and over. Her toes dug into me again as his shadow grabbed her hair and jerked her head back. I felt her try to steady her legs, but it was no use. She fell forward onto the bed, shivering in pleasure. She pulled her knees up under her, and she was now on her knees on the end of the mattress, no longer standing on me.

He didn’t stop. He grabbed her hips and instead of pulling her back down to stand on me, he stepped up onto my back and shoulders and began fucking her again. I watched the wall, as the shadows painted the scene that I couldn’t see. A cuck lying on the floor. An Alpha male standing on him like he’s nothing more than a stain on the floor and fucking his wife. I fell into a daze watching the shadows, listening to her groan, moan and sometimes whimper on the verge of tears as he fucked the living hell out of her. I almost felt bad. He was literally beating the shit out of my wife from the inside. Her soft moans and giggles when he stopped were enough to alleviate my guilt. She enjoyed every second of it. They both crawled up onto the bed. As soon as he stepped off my back, I jumped up to get them some wet towels. They laid there for a bit, talking and planning the next get-together while I served drinks and rubbed her feet. It was a good evening, and we plan on doing it again soon!