February 23, 2024

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to be claimed by a Goddess. I had invited Goddess Rhea to my home for an evening of friendly hanging out and movies. I had never opened up to her about my fetish and she knew nothing about the trample fetish. I took my usual spot on the floor and she sat on the couch. During a movie break, she got up from the couch, stepped on my stomach and walked across me to go to the kitchen. I was blown away. She laughed and began refilling her drink as a million thoughts raced through my head. When she began walking back towards the living room, I asked her if she’d try that again. “You mean the stepping?” she said. “Yes. I’ll lay against that wall and I’d like you to try that again…please,” I was almost begging her. She was all for it. She sat her drink down by the couch while I laid against the nearest wall. She put one foot down on my stomach and didn’t hesitate. In an instant she was standing both feet, full weight on my stomach. It was amazing. After that, I let her in on my secret and she’s been my foot Goddess since

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