December 11, 2023
Erotipodia Original Stories

I wasn’t’ sure what to expect. This was the first time that Goddess had allowed me to shower with her. I was honored. I wasn’t expecting all that I got. She has this large, beautiful walk in shower. She undressed, commanded me to do the same, and I followed her into the shower. She adjusted the water to a nice balmy steamy hot, and stepped under the spray. “Well, don’t just stand there,” she said. “Get my body wash.” I grabbed the soap and loofah and she smiled and raised her arms above her head. “Your privilege today is to wash me,” she said with a smile. I got ready to squirt some soap onto the loofah and she stopped me. “I didn’t say get the loofah. Do it by hand,” she said. She took the loofah from my hands and tossed it to one side. I put some soap into my hands and started by taking her hands in mine. I caressed and washed with the soap up her arms, over her shoulders and neck, touching every inch of her soft skin. I was lost in the moment as I washed over her tits, caressing them under my fingertips. She was noticeably turned on. I continued running my hands over her chest and over her tummy when she said “Stop!”. I took my hands off of her and stepped back obediently. “You can reach everything else from the floor.” She pointed down to the floor at her feet. She noticed my dick was hard as I started to sit down. “Sit down on your ass. Spread your legs and put your dick on the floor,” she said. I looked up at her, but continued to do exactly as she said. She stepped closer to me and put her right foot down across my dick, pinning it down to the shower floor. I winced a bit as she shifted and put some weight on it. I began to moan a bit as she applied more pressure until I looked up at her with begging eyes. She giggled, then handed me the soap. “Continue your wash,” she said.

She stood there, one foot on my dick while I lathered up my hands and started at her waist. I felt my cock throb underneath her sole and I snuck a peek at the head, bulging out from under the other side of her foot. She pushed down on it. “You going to play with your dick or are you going to wash me?” she asked. “I’m sorry, Goddess.” I said. I ran my hands over her ass and she smiled. “Rinse it, and kiss it.” she said. She stepped off my dick and turned her ass to me. The water ran over her butt cheeks and I caressed her ass with my hands before leaning over and kissing her softly on the right cheek. She laughed and turned. She stepped her left foot down onto my dick and flattened it on the floor. “More washing,” she said. My cock was throbbing now under her foot. As I washed, she released some pressure, but started rolling my dick back and forth on the floor under her sole. I was going crazy as electricity shot through my body. I tried to maintain my cool, as I lathered my hands and took her powerful calves in my hands. I looked up at this beautiful Goddess, controlling me like a toy with just one foot. My pathetic dick crushed under her pretty foot… and then I came.

I didn’t mean to. It was just the imagery, being used by her, seeing her stand over me and laugh, enjoying me on the floor. I came hard. It shot across the shower floor, hitting her other foot and ankle and spattering on the far wall. “Well lookey there,” she said. She released some pressure off of my cock and I came again across the shower floor. She stepped back down on it and shifted all her weight. Her size 10 sole crushed my cock flat. I placed my face against her leg and wrapped my arms around her calf as she lightly stomped and crushed my dick until I stopped spurting. She stepped back and I let go of her leg. “Stay there,” she said. She grabbed a towel and rushed out of the shower. She returned moments later with her camera. There I was, sitting flat on the shower floor, my dick crushed, red and covered in my own cum and she wanted a picture. I looked up for the camera as she giggled and snapped the picture. “Clean yourself up, clean the shower and come make those brownies in the pantry,” she said. “I’ll be waiting on the couch!” She walked back to her room leaving me on the floor.

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