May 28, 2023
Erotipodia Original Stories

This story came from a dream I had during a nap one day. I was with a friend helping him to bring his grandmother home from somewhere (the dream just started with us getting out of the car) I remember helping him get her out of her car and into her house. She was BIG. I don’t mean fat, I mean that this woman stood about 6 ½ feet tall. We took her into her house and helped her onto her bed. My friend looked at me.
“Can you stay here with her for awhile? I have some errands I need to run.”
“Sure,” I told him, “Not a problem. What do you need me to do?”
“Just stay in here with her. Watch TV or whatever. She can’t seem to get around much anymore.”
I nodded and he walked out the door. I looked over at his grandmother. She was lying there on the bed on her back, arms folded over her stomach.
“Can you get me some water?” she asked. I smiled at her and nodded. Not a problem. I got her a tall glass of water and came back. She had shifted on the bed and taken off her house shoes. Her enormous feet (at least a size 11) were sticking out of the blankets at the end of the bed. She took her water from me, and then motioned for me to sit on the bed. I started to sit down, but she waved her hand, signaling me to move further down until I was sitting at her feet.
“Ahhh, that’s better,” she said. “Now I need you to rub my feet!” I must have gotten a look of disgust on my face because she looked me straight in the eye.
“I wonder who everyone will believe if I say that you tried to take advantage of me? Think they’ll believe you or this frail little old lady?” with that she chuckled loudly. I felt anger boil up inside me as I took her feet in my hands. They were surprisingly strong and muscled for being on such an old woman. The wide soles covered my entire hand as I rubbed and massaged.
“Oh, don’t look so down,” she said. “The fun is just starting!”
I heard a knock at her bedroom door and then a woman walked in. she was in her forties with shoulder length blonde hair and hazel eyes. Don’t let the hair and eyes fool you. She was uglier than sin itself. She smiled a broken toothed smile at me and sat down in a small chair against the wall. I had stopped massaging when she knocked.
“Danny, this is my daughter Lila. Lila, this is Danny…who for SOME reason has stopped rubbing my feet!” she said the last part with a bit of anger in her voice. Aha! Now I have a witness. If I stop, she couldn’t try the blackmail on me. I quit massaging and just sat there smiling at her.
“Oh, I get it,” she said. “You think Lila is your way out? Guess again. You’re going to do hers too.” I stared dumbly at her as Lila giggled and kicked off her shoes. What the hell were they doing to me? The grandmother lifted her feet and put them side by side on my stomach, then walked them up onto my chest. I turned my head before she could do anything else.
“My first husband was a great foot slave.” She said. “Too bad he’s no longer with us. I saw you looking at my feet as you “helped” me out of the car. These large feet have gotten quite a few looks over the years, but I can always tell who the fetish men are.” She emphasized the word “helped” and I wondered why until she swung her legs off the side of the bed and stood up! She didn’t need help. It was all an act. This old bag at 70+ years old was as healthy as ever. She grabbed me by my ear and literally dragged me off the bed. I tried to stand, but she pulled me and I stumbled, my knees hitting the floor. She let go of me and I fell forward catching myself with my hands before I landed face first on the wooden floor. Not that it did me much good. Her large foot landed squarely between my shoulder blades forcing me down onto the floor. She stepped up onto my back. It felt great having my back walked on, but the humiliation was something else. Her ugly-as-hell daughter looked down on me and laughed. She rubbed her feet all over my head as I lay there under her mother. The old lady was quite limber for her age. She walked from my calves up to the back of my head and back down again. Only when nothing else cracked or popped did she step off.
“I love the feel of bones cracking under my feet,” she said with a wicked smile. “I actually broke a rib stomping my first husband so hard.” I believed her. I didn’t want a re-enactment.
“Your turn sweetie,” she said to her daughter. Lila stood to her feet and walked over to me. She kicked me once in the ribs. I grunted but didn’t move.
“Turn over boy, NOW!” granny said. “Remember our ‘agreement’. I swear to God I’ll tell everyone the most god-awful story you can imagine.” I turned over onto my back, a look of hatred on my face.
“Come on now, its not that bad. You like women’s feet, we’re just obliging you. We haven’t had anyone to step on in quite a few years. Well, aside from the occasional delivery boy that I can con into coming into the house. They get stomped just the same and threatened with the same story.” The old bat was actually proud of herself! She’d been stomping pizza delivery boys with the same threat of blackmail that she was now using on me. Lila bounced on my stomach with a big grin on her face. I looked up at her and wanted to puke. She was missing half her teeth (or so it seemed), she probably hadn’t had a good hair brushing in days. I felt used. I felt humiliated, but it was also exciting. They did whatever they liked to me over the next 20 minutes or so. I was stomped, kicked and jumped on. The old lady mashed her big foot onto my face and ground it down until my nose bled. Lila for some unknown reason took a special interest in stomping the side of my head until it was throbbing with a migraine. When it was all said and done I was bruised, bleeding and humiliated. I lay there on the floor while granny climbed back into bed and Lila disappeared out the bedroom door.
“You’d better pick yourself up. My grandson will be home any minute. I’ll tell him that I let you leave to run an errand for me and then go home.”
I shot a hateful glare at her as I scraped my body and my dignity off the floor and headed towards the door.
“I’m also going to tell him what a wonderful sitter you are and ask that he send you more often,” she said with a twinkle in her eye.