May 28, 2023
Erotipodia Original Stories

I got a phone call one evening from my Goddess. She knows my fetish well and I know that she’s into all kinds of sexual experiences. She was having a big party at her place, in her “party room”. A no holds barred orgy, basically. It was a mixer of sorts for the folks into the area who are into different things. She told me that she needed entertainment and that a floor mat would be perfect. She told me she’d pay me fifty bucks to lay on her floor for the duration of the party. I agreed, but told her the money wasn’t necessary. She said it was and insisted that I be paid. I finally agreed and at the appointed time, I headed to her home, strolled up and knocked on her front door.
I heard someone on the other side of the door yell “Go to the side door!”. I walked around to the side of her home, through a gate and knocked on the side door. A woman who I didn’t recognize answered the door. “Are you here for the party?” she asked with a grin. “I’m the entertainment,” I told her. She let out a little squeal. “Oooo! This should be fun! She hired entertainment!”. She said it with such enthusiasm that I wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing here. I walked in and was greeted by Goddess as she walked through the living room.
There were a LOT of people here. Probably close to 50 or 60 people, all talking softly and mingling around the room. I saw singles and couples, gay and straight. From what information I got from Goddess later, it was just an “I love sex” party for anyone who just loved the experience of sex. I walked around the room, sipping on a beer. Everyone here had some sort of drink in their hand, from champagne to whiskey. When people started to loosen up a bit and get frisky, Goddess raised her voice and said, “OK, folks. This is the fun part of the evening. If everyone will disrobe. Entertainers, please take your spots.”

I looked around the room. I saw one girl start dancing on a table, removing her clothing as a few gathered around her. I set my beer down and looked to Goddess with a “Where do I lay/What do I do??” look on my face. She pointed over to the large dining room table. “You’ll need to lay somewhere that people have something to hold onto.” I went to the table and laid down beside it, drew in a deep breath and looked around. Everywhere around me, I saw people stripping and handing their clothing to a cute, nude little blonde who was running around with bags with name tags on them. Once everyone was naked, she left and stored the clothing in the other room.

I was too intent on watching the scene that I didn’t notice the woman walk up to me and put her foot on my crotch. I looked up to see a cute woman in her 40’s standing over me. “And why aren’t YOU naked yet?” she asked me. “I wasn’t really sure…” I started to say. Goddess walked up and stood over me. “He’ll strip,” she said as she grinned at me. Still lying on the floor, I removed my clothing and gave it to Goddess. She called the little blonde girl over and handed her my clothing. “Put this in my room,” she said. “He can come in there later to get it himself.” As the girl turned and walked away with my stuff, Goddess put one large, soft bare foot down on my chest and raised her voice again. “The “Mat” is now open!” she said.

A few around the room smiled and watched as Goddess stepped up onto my stomach and chest and stood there for a moment before stepping off. I thought she was going to do more, but then I noticed Bishop come out of the kitchen. She hurried over to him. I got a big smile on my face remembering being under their feet the last time. I must have gotten an erection too, because the next thing I knew, I felt a large bare foot press down on my groin, flattening my genitals. I looked up to see two younger ladies, a brunette and a red head standing over me. “Mind if we stand here?” they asked. I didn’t have time to answer, and I really don’t think they cared if I did or not. Before I knew it, two beautiful lesbians were standing, naked, on my body as they kissed and caressed each other.

I couldn’t believe it. Fucking amazing. I looked at my body, their soft, pretty feet pressing down onto my skin. They stood there, just kissing and touching each other for a good 2-3 minutes before stepping off. The redhead winked at me as she led her girlfriend off by the hand. I laid there for a few moments thinking to myself “Well, this could be fun!” when an older couple walked up to me. “The little lady could use a step,” the guy said with a smile. His voice was old and raspy. She was a little younger, but still older than me. He took her hand as she stepped up onto my stomach with both feet. She put her hands on the table and bent over. My eyes must have widened as he stepped up, like I wasn’t even there, and shoved his hard dick into her. She gasped and I felt her toes curl in my flesh. I laid there for about 5-6 minutes in awe as this old man fucked the living hell out of this woman. I was surprised a guy his age would have that energy. Probably one reason she was dating him.

He pulled out of her, splashing some on my leg as he did. They didn’t care. Still standing on my stomach, she straightened up, turned around and sat on the table, using my chest and stomach for her footrest. I only had time to take in one breath before the old guy stepped up onto me, his feet on my body between hers. While he was standing on me and they were making out, she was rubbing her foot around on my face and stuffing her toe into my mouth. After a few moments, he stepped off and took her by the hands. She stood up on me, and then stepped off to follow him.

I laid there and looked around the room. I wasn’t sure what to expect next. Several more couples ranging from young, fit 20yr olds to a couple in their 70’s took turns standing on me as they fucked or fondled one another. Sometimes it was the girl standing on me while being pleasured, a few times it was both parties. One would stand on my groin/pelvis and the other would stand on my chest. Goddess was right, the table was a good idea and gave both participants something to hold onto if needed. One gentleman had 2 women with him. He stood there playing with himself while the ladies took turns standing on me in “dominant” poses. I knew what he meant when he asked them to do it, but they were kind of clueless. I wasn’t supposed to speak, but I whispered a few hints to them and soon they were giggling and showing off for their male viewer. They stepped on my neck, they stood on my face, just the usual stuff that I do in clips, but apparently this guy had just discovered that he enjoyed trample. I mean, THIS party was the first time he’d seen it and realized it was a turn on.

The show ended when one lady stood at my head. She took my hands and pulled my arms up while pushing her foot down onto my face, stretching me and flattening my face under her soft sole. The other woman was standing on the floor, between my legs. Every few moments, she’d kick me in the nuts, causing me to groan or attempt to stifle a yell. He seemed to love it. I think he loved the sadistic nature of it more than the trampling aspect of it though. My thoughts were confirmed when he asked the girl kicking my balls to put her foot on them and grind them instead. She obliged and her wide foot was pressed firmly on my testicles before she began grinding and mashing them under her sole. He stopped playing with himself only long enough to step up and stand one foot on my stomach and the other on my chest, so he could look down at my face.

He instructed the girl smashing my face down to move her foot. She pressed her toes onto my forehead and held me there as her counterpart continued crushing my ball sack. He stood there on me and looked down into my face. Every time the girl crushing my nuts would make me groan, cringe or whimper, he’d get this look in his eyes. “Let his arms go,” he told the girl at my head. I dropped my arms to my side on the floor. “Yes, just lay there and take it.” he said under his breath. I recognized the look from the bigger kid who used to stomp on me when I was younger. I laid there, in full subbie mode while his girlfriend kept her toes on my forehead. She balanced herself by holding onto the table, her other hand stroking his cock as he touched and fondled her tits. The other woman was steadily smashing and grinding my dick and balls under her foot.

Sometimes she’d use the flat part of her sole, sometimes her heel. Whatever she could do to cause me discomfort or a little pain for the guy. He, for his part, was standing on me, watching me cringe and wince in pain, and he was getting off to it. At one point he stepped back and stood with both feet on my stomach and rocked on his heels until I was groaning in pain. That did it for him. The girl at my head gave his dick one final stroke and he shot all over her stomach. She aimed it towards her tits and sprayed them as well. The girl stomping my balls stopped and walked up beside me and put her arms around the guy. He was still standing on me, but leaning against the table as he smiled and caught a breath. He took both girls by the hand and stepped off of me, saying “You were great, man!” as they walked off together. I looked down at myself. Was this worth fifty bucks?? I was having fun, but shit. I laid there and hoped that he was the craziest one there. It turns out, he was. He just went a little overboard, just having learned of the fetish. This was apparently the perfect outlet for him!

By the time the party was over and Goddess walked the last guest to the door, I had been stood on by a few dozen people. 5 straight couples, 1 lesbian couple and 2 gay couples fucked while one or both was standing on my body. 3 couples had never heard of the trample fetish and were intrigued. In the spirit of the party, each person took turns standing on me and asking me questions about the fetish and my site. Goddess allowed me to speak with them and I had a great time explaining it to them. Goddess walked over to me and stood over me. My body was covered in red footprints. Several women were squirters, several of the guys just squirted on me out of Alpha domination and amusement. “You’re not laying at our feet covered in other peoples cum,” she said. “Go wash off. I didn’t tell you before, but there’s always a tip jar for entertainment. You raked in almost a thousand dollars tonight!” I smiled as I groaned and sat up on the floor. “Wash off, come to my room. We’ll plan what to do with that while you rub our feet.” Bishop called her name from the bedroom. She smacked my bare ass and smiled as I hurried off to clean up