May 28, 2023
Erotipodia Original Stories

Tonight I’m home alone. My wife is out with friends at the French Quarter in Louisiana. She’s never been and thought it would be fun and interesting. Her friends got here early and picked her up. After a good 6 hour drive, they arrived and checked into their hotel. I didn’t hear from her for a bit, I assumed she was having such a great time wandering around and checking out the place. She messaged a quick “We’re headed to the conjure!” before going silent again for awhile.

When she did message, she’d had a bit to drink. I could tell by the way she chatted. I couldn’t blame her. She was with friends and there to have a good time. She needed to relax and get her mind off of the large project she has going on with work. I got a few more sloppy texts from her as she and her buddies wandered around town checking out the different shops and bars. She texted “OMG Linda is picking up some guy..” before going silent again for a bit. Now I was wondering.  Her friend Linda is a wild one. Random. She’s the adventurous type. My wife, not so much…until you get her drinking.

Her next text was an hour later, from the hotel. “Linda brought 2 guys back…”. I wasn’t sure what to think. I know my wife wouldn’t have sex with another guy, but given enough alcohol, she might flirt, touch or other things. I’d find out soon enough. I heard my phone go off. It was a video call coming in. “Heeyyyyy,” she said to me, smiling into the camera. She was VERY drunk. I could see by some of the background around her that she was standing outside, on a walkway. I could see rows of hotel doors behind her and for a brief moment when she turned, I could see a railing. They were apparently on the 2nd floor. She was standing outside, leaning on the railing and having a cigarette. “Where’s Linda?” I asked her. “And…her 2 guys?” My wife put her hand over her mouth to stifle a drunken giggle. “She says one of them is MINE, but I just can’t,” she said. She took a slow drag on her cigarette. “Well, you’re there to have fun,” I said. “I mean, don’t go fuck the guy or anything but you know…” I trailed off. She made a kiss towards the camera.

There was a loud noise in the background, and then I realized it was Linda calling out and looking for my wife. My wife got this evil smirk on her face and said “Don’t go anywhere. Keep watching and touch yourself.” I wasn’t sure what she meant. She leaned down quickly and put her phone flat on the concrete sidewalk, facing up. It was kind of dark, but I could make out her standing and leaning against the rail, continuing to smoke. She shifted as a voice called her name. My first thought was “Ooo. She’s barefoot out there,” as I saw her feet move and turn towards the voice. My second thought was “Who was that male voice?” Apparently this was Linda’s “other” that she’d brought back for my wife. Linda and her man wanted some time alone, so this guy came out to talk. Apparently they’d been talking since earlier when she told me Linda was picking up a guy, because they seemed to continue a conversation that they were having earlier. In the dark, I saw him walk up and stand next to her, leaning on the rail. He picked up his leg to smack something, probably a mosquito, and I noticed that he was in cargo shorts, a t-shirt and barefoot too.

The words were sometimes garbled, but I was able to make out what he was saying. “So earlier you mentioned you just needed to relax and let your mind get away. You’re on a mini vacation?” he asked her. She giggled and said “Not really. Just one night here.” “Aw, just one night?” he said. “Yeah, just one, then back home to hubby and work,” she replied with a sigh. He stood there quite for a moment. “Would he mind if you..” he said quietly. She quickly set him straight. “I won’t have sex,” she said. The way she said “sex” made him perk up. “Sooo anything else is OK?” he asked with hope in his voice. It was dark on the sidewalk now. Only the glow of a bulb many doors down offered any light out on the walkway. “What did you have in mind?” she asked. She turned towards him, and as she did, she made sure to discreetly plant her foot down on her camera face. On my end, it was as if I were watching her seduce another man, and step on my face as she did it.

I heard him make some lame comments about how pretty she was, blah, blah, as he tried to turn her on. She removed her foot from her camera to give me the view. Her  hand was on his bulging crotch, rubbing around as his eyes fluttered. He reached down and unzipped his pants. She glanced down quickly at her camera. I’d made sure that I wasn’t there in the frame. To the, the camera face was completely dark. He didn’t know a thing. But she did. She winked at me and got on her knees in front of the guy as he pulled his shorts down. They fell and landed a bit on the camera face, but she quickly brushed them off so that I had a clear view. He was hard as a rock. Once his shorts and underwear were down, she grabbed his dick in her hand and plunged it into her mouth. Over the next 3 minutes she sat there blowing this guy while I watched through her camera. She wasn’t about to swallow for some strange guy, so when he was about to cum, she pulled it out of her mouth and aimed it over the railing. I had to stifle a laugh there. Some poor guy was going to come out of the first floor tomorrow and go to his car only to see cum sprayed all over the roof. He was still moaning as she stood up. She looked down quickly to make sure the video was still on and placed her foot halfway across the phone. I sat there on my phone, watching as if I were lying on the floor as she put her foot on my face and began kissing the guy.

They made out for a good 5 minutes before she backed him away and reminded him that was all he was going to get. He was a good guy. He chuckled and agreed. He made a few more comments on her beauty and told her he was always up for another if she was back in the area. With that he turned and left. My wife waited a few moments before looking around and bending down to pick up the phone. “Did you see?” she asked. I was still playing with myself as I came into the cameras view. She giggled and put her hand over her mouth. “I need a drink. Just a tea or something to get this taste out of my mouth. I love you, I’ll talk to you later. Seems the guys are getting ready to leave. Go finish yourself and I’ll see you tomorrow when I get home.” She blew a kiss to the camera and closed it down for the night. Now I was left with those images and fantasies for the night.