January 31, 2023
Erotipodia Original Stories

This was my first crushing by the Goddess. My first time under her soft size 11 soles as she stood on me, demanding that I cum. I had an evening open so I invited Goddess over for BBQ and movies. Up to this point, she’d only stepped on me and I’d rubbed her feet. She wanted to take it one step further this evening. After we’d eaten and talked for a bit, she simply looked at me and said “Get naked and lay on the floor.” We’d talked about this numerous times, but we’d never gotten to this part of our relationship yet.

I slowly got undressed, a bit shy, and laid on the floor. She stood up and kicked off her flip flops. “Move next to the table here,” she told me as she pointed. I slid over and she looked down at me. “Are you ready?” “Yes, totally,” I told her. There was a knot in my throat and my heart raced as I looked up at her, towering over me, prepared to crush me under her soft soles. She put one foot down onto my stomach, her heel pressing into my diaphragm. She pushed down hard a few times to get her footing. Every time she pressed down, my dick bounced up uncontrollably. Well, uncontrollable for ME anyways. She thought it was fun.

“Oh really, now?” she said with a smile. She pressed down again and my dick flopped up. She pressed down again and again until I was huffing for breath and turned on beyond belief. Here I was, lying on the cold tile floor while a beautiful Goddess stood over me, stomping my body for her amusement. The turn on was incredible. She definitely noticed. “So, you’re at the right point,” she said. She grabbed the table and stepped both feet up onto my belly. I moaned softly and closed my eyes as she stepped and marched around for a moment. Goddess stopped and placed one foot on my diaphragm again and one foot on my chest. She looked down at me and smiled again, and then shocked me as she slid out of her tank top and dropped it onto my chest at her feet.

Now she was standing on me, her large tits bare and open. My dick stood up and and she giggled. She shifted more weight onto my diaphragm, then onto my chest, then back again. I felt like a tube of toothpaste being squeezed back and forth. I was putty underneath her soft feet. She saw me enjoying it and did it a few more times before stopping. I opened my eyes and looked up at her. “Now jack off,” she said. She was serious. Still standing on me, she moved around until both heels were on my lower stomach and her toes were at my ribs.

“Grab it and jack off,” she said again. There was an evil glint in her eye. She shifted her weight back onto her heels and I groaned out of pleasure and pain. She was going to stand here and crush me under her feet while I masturbated. I spit into my right hand and grabbed my dick. She smiled and looked over her shoulder. I just kept looking up at her. She rocked back and forth another couple of times before changing her position again. She stood on my stomach again with one foot on my chest. “Now I can see both ends” she said with a grin. I just kept stroking. She’d watch my face as she shifted her weight from stomach to chest. She watched my dick bulge every time she pushed down into my belly. She was having fun. I gripped her calf with my left hand as I felt the electricity building up in me. I looked up at her and she knew I was about to cum.

She lifted her foot off my chest and I turned my head to one side. She placed her soft size 11 down on my head and I came…HARD. The feel of her standing on me, pinning me, my head under this Goddess’ foot was just too much. Cum shot all over her calves. It shot up my chest and all over her foot that was on my head. It went all over the floor above my head. She just laughed. “Is that all you have?” she asked. I was breathing heavy. She bounced on me a couple of times and the cum just oozed from my cock and into a pool around her foot on my belly. I was spent. She bounced two more times just to make sure. I was in heaven as she stepped off. I looked down at my body, red with her footprints, splattered with my own cum. “Go wash yourself off you foot whore!” she teased as she sat down in a chair. I rushed to my restroom and got a warm wet towel. I quickly wiped my body down and hurried over to her. I knelt at her feet as she lifted them one by one for me to clean. I cleaned her legs and soles, kissed each foot and put her flip flops back on. “Good boy,” she said with a grin. “We’ll have to try this more”.

I can’t wait 🙂