January 31, 2023
Erotipodia Original Stories

My sister has known about my fetish since we were kids. She’s trampled me quite a few times, showing off for her friends, proving that she ran the house when dad was away. In fact, she’s probably the one I have to thank for my “subbie” side. Raised with different moms, we each ended up with our own little kinks. Now here we are, grown and fulfilling our roles. The fact that I was still her little foot slave, even as a grown man was made evident this one particular night.

She had come into town and was visiting with my new wife and I at our home. It got late and we decided she could have the couch and went to my bedroom to find some extra blankets and bedding for her. My wife stayed in the kitchen, but my sister followed me back to the room. I had opened the closet door and I was stretching for the top shelf for a sheet when from behind me she said “You remember how this goes.” I blushed a little, turned and looked towards the doorway. “Your wife is in the kitchen, you’re fine. Now lay down,” she said. I laid on the floor in front of the closet and looked up at her.

She smiled and lifted one foot over my belly. She gave me a quick, short stomp like she used to, and then she stepped up onto my stomach. She went up on her toes, sinking into my abdomen as she stretched and reached for the sheets. She pulled a few things down and stepped backwards off of me. I got up off the floor and she tossed me the sheets. “Well, that bed isn’t going to make itself,” she told me with a smile. I hurried into the living room and began setting up a place for her to sleep. My wife got a drink and headed towards the bedroom for the night. “If you need anything else, let us know!” she said as she went into the room and closed the door. I finished my sisters bed and started to head towards the bedroom with my wife. My sister asked if she could use my computer and I pointed to it as I began to walk away. “You should come back out when everyone is asleep.” she casually said as she walked over and sat down at the computer.

I smiled and told her goodnight as I went into my bedroom. My wife and I watched a little TV before turning out the lights and settling down. I could still see the faint glow of the computer monitor from under my bedroom door. I knew she was sitting in there on my computer, just as I’d left her. T-shirt, shorts, bare feet. I laid there thinking about all the trampling I’ve taken from her and all the times at dads house. As my wife started to snore, I heard faint keyboard clicking and I heard my sister softly giggling. I slid quietly out of bed and into a pair of boxer briefs before gently opening the bedroom door and tiptoeing out into the hallway.

I walked into the living room to see her sitting there in my chair. She had one of her “sites” open and was chatting with some loser on the screen. “Oh, hold on a second,” she told the guy, “my brother is here and I need to get him situated.” I had no idea what the hell she was talking about until she pointed her finger to the place next to my chair. She wanted a footrest. No biggie. We did this as kids all the time. I walked over and laid down next to the chair as she turned and put both feet onto my belly. “There we go,” she said, turning back to her on-screen conversation.

I wasn’t even paying attention to her conversation, I was looking at her soft little feet on my stomach. She shifted around in the chair a bit, each time, pushing into my stomach for leverage and balance. I couldn’t help it…my dick started to get hard. I laid there for a bit longer as she chatted, but each time she’d move and her feet pressed into me, I got a little harder. I reached carefully around her feet and calves and touched myself, feeling the tingle shoot up through my body. I closed my eyes for a moment and when I opened them, she was looking down at me. “Pull it out.” she said. I gulped.

We hadn’t done this in some time, and now I was married. The submissive side kicked in and I obeyed her. I pulled my cock out through the leg of my underwear and let it lay on my leg. She lifted one foot off my belly and firmly smashed my hard dick down under her sole. “I’ll hold this right here,” she said with a smile. Now I couldn’t touch myself. She had my dick pinned down under her foot. If my wife walked in, I was just fucked. Here was my sister using my half naked body (I was only in my boxer briefs) as her footrest and pinning my hard dick under her foot.

My heart was pounding in my chest, but my sister was calm and cool. She smiled at me and rolled her foot back and forth, rolling my rock hard cock around on my leg. It was driving me crazy and she knew it. She acted like I wasn’t there and kept talking to her friend. My eyes were locked on her foot pressing my dick down onto my leg, pinning it there. She’s always been about the control. She toyed with me for the next 20 minutes or so as she chatted with various friends. Some got to hear the story of her loser brother laying under the table, others were blissfully unaware that the girl they were talking to was crushing her brothers dick under the table.

Every once in awhile she’d press down and roll her foot back and forth over it causing electricity to shoot through my entire body. I bucked ONCE. She took her foot off my dick, stomped me on my chest and put her foot back down on my cock. I didn’t buck anymore or even so much as move. After another few minutes of this “torture”, I had to ask. “Do you remember that time in the bathroom at the old Lakeside house?” She stopped typing and looked down at me under her feet. “Yes, I do.” she said. “Is there something you want?”

I gulped and said “May I do that again?”. She sat back in the chair and took a deep breath. “It’s been awhile,” she said as she removed her feet from my body. I couldn’t believe it. Back when we were younger, I’d asked her to stand on me while I masturbated. She had agreed on one condition. I couldn’t wear clothing. I was embarrassed back then, but she feeds on that power. She knew I wasn’t comfortable, but I wanted it so I caved in. I was older now and less apprehensive, but I wanted it just as badly. I got up from the floor and hurried to the restroom at the end of the hall. “Your wife better not wake up,” she said as she followed me.

As soon as we were both in the restroom together, I stripped off my boxers and threw them into a corner as I laid down. I was completely naked on the cold tile floor as my sister stood over me. She let out a soft giggle. “Damn you ARE a mess,” she said as she put one soft sole down on my stomach. “Don’t get any on me or I’m going to fuck you up.” she hissed quietly. She stepped up onto me, standing with one foot on my stomach and one on my chest. She stood there for a moment, looking down at my face, grinding her foot onto my chest.

“Damn, can you hand me that lotion on the counter?” I asked her. “No! Spit in your hand for fucks sake, I’m not standing here all night.” I’d pissed her off. I could tell not only from the tone of her voice, but also from the heel stomp she delivered to my stomach. She pinned the head of my dick under her heel and ground it around on my stomach. “Just finish,” she said. I spit into my hand and she released my dick. I grabbed it and began stroking. She stood on my chest now with both feet, looking down into my eyes.

She always loved that, looking down on her pathetic brother as he jerked off to his little sister dominating him. She marched on my chest for a moment before stepping both feet backwards onto my stomach. The pressure there did it for me and she giggled as my cock exploded in my hand. I didn’t want it getting all over her calves, so I had both hands on my dick, covering it up as it spurt uncontrollably. She stepped off of me, still giggling and threw me a towel. When the shock waves of the orgasm stopped, I stood up and picked up the towel. I cleaned myself off with her standing there shaking her head, and put my boxers back on.

JUST in the nick of time too, because the next sound we heard was my wife’s footsteps right outside the bathroom door. With a quick jerk, my wife threw open the door like she was expecting to catch us in some act. Instead we were both standing there looking down into the toilet. I told my wife that we’d just caught a LARGE cockroach and had flushed it down the toilet. This seemed to satisfy her and she turned around and sleepily headed back to our bedroom. My sister smiled at me and left the bathroom, heading back to the computer. I stayed in the restroom for a few more minutes, the electricity still coursing through my body. When the shivers stopped, I went to the living room, gave my sister a hug and a “thank you” and went back to my room for the night.