January 31, 2023
man on all fours in front of alpha couple

Many years back I was with a woman who liked to get into other people’s business way too much. Through a series of events, she got jealous upon learning that I was a foot rest to a Master. I don’t know why she thought this would be a good idea, but she called CPS on him and his family and she called the sheriff a few times claiming they were up to no good. His family was in the middle of moving to another state and this was just a huge setback in their plans. After a very short investigation by CPS, they were found to be innocent of all charges. My girlfriend, on the other hand, was not. She was taken to jail for making false statements to a government office. The Master? He and his family were able to complete their move to the new state and even took me along with them with the promise that I could repay the bullshit that she had put them through by being the family foot servant

Now I spend my days serving, cooking, cleaning and laying at the feet of the people who put my girlfriend in jail