May 28, 2023
Erotipodia Original Stories

I wasn’t sure what to expect this particular night. Goddess sent me a text telling me to be at her home at 8pm sharp. I wondered throughout the day what she wanted to try tonight. I’d been at her feet a few times as her footrest and as trample entertainment but she was more vague this time. I got to her door at exactly 8 and she opened it before I had a chance to knock. I walked in and she smiled as she closed the door behind me. She pulled out a black mask with eye holes and tossed it to me. “Put it on and take off everything else. I’ll be back”. She walked into the next room and I slowly stripped and put the mask on. I wasn’t sure where she wanted me so I stood there until she came into the room. “Lay in front of the couch,” she said. She turned and waved to someone in the room behind her. My heart began to race. I wasn’t sure who she was waving to. Was this just a trick? Was there really someone there? What if they recognized me?? I wondered as I heard Goddess and another set of foot steps coming my way. I’m not the type that just shows off my body so I was getting nervous and embarrassed.

I soon found out I had no reason to be. She and her lover, Joseph, didn’t give two shits about me. She walked into the room, walked right up to me and put her right foot down on my stomach. “You ready for this?” she asked. I took a deep breath and she stepped up onto my stomach and chest. The mask eye holes didn’t quite line up for me so I could see Goddess standing on me but when I’d try to turn to see Joseph, the mask would block my view. I saw his hands running over her body, I felt her weight shift on my body as he pressed himself against her from behind. She leaned forward and held onto the couch for balance as he kept grabbing at her and breathing heavy. I heard Goddess gasp. I can only guess what he was doing to her. I moved my head and turned to look up at him. “No you don’t you fucking foot slave. You watch your owner.” With that he pressed his left foot down onto my throat, forcing me to look straight up.

I saw Goddess look over her shoulder and down at me. She just smiled and pushed back against him. I grunted a bit, trying to get a breath. I just looked up. I saw her powerful legs, beautiful ass and his hands gripping her, fingers pressing into her flesh. He started ramming into her harder, using the left foot on my throat for balance and thrust. I began to cough uncontrollably and Goddess stood up. “Is there a problem?” she asked me. “No Goddess.” I said softly. She leaned forward slowly and held onto the couch. Joseph removed his foot from my neck. “I wouldn’t want to kill the little fucker” he said with a smile. “He’ll be fine, won’t you?” Goddess said to me. Before I could answer she put her foot down on my throat. She was now standing on my throat and stomach, bent over the couch. Joseph approved. He stepped closer against her and her toes dug into my skin as he pushed into her. For the next 8-10 minutes I laid there, my body her floor as she took his manhood over and over. I felt her legs shake, I felt her cum and his running down her legs and pooling around her feet, sunken deep in my stomach.

With one good squeeze on her ass, he let her go and pulled out. Goddess stood up straight, sighed and stepped off of me. I took a breath and started to sit up. “No one said you could move yet” she said. I quickly laid back down on the floor. She stepped on my stomach and turned and sat on the couch. She put her left foot down on my crotch and put her right on my neck. “Come here” she said in a sultry voice. I could hear him coming back towards her. “What do you want me to do with him?” he asked. “He’s a floor. Just step on him.” He didn’t even hesitate. He stepped hard up onto my stomach and stood there with the other foot on my chest. I could see the side of Goddess’ calf and the top half of Joseph. “Don’t look at me” he said. He stomped me once on the stomach and I closed my eyes. Goddess took her foot and turned my head to one side, then put her foot down firmly on my temple to keep me from seeing. I knew she was sucking him off. I could hear it. I could feel his feet pushing into my body trying to stay balanced. I heard her moans and she pushed her bare heel into my balls. I whimpered a bit, but she pushed down on my head firmly and I quit. After a few minutes, I heard him gasp loudly. He stepped backwards and stepped off of me, took Goddess by the hand and she stood up on me. Stepping off, she took his hand. “We’ll be in the bedroom starting a movie. We’ll need some cold drinks and the snacks in the fridge….oh, and we’ll both need a foot massage.” They walked into the other room together and shut the door. I pulled myself up off the floor, found a towel and cleaned myself off. I had snacks to make for my Goddess and Joseph and foot massages to prepare for.