May 28, 2023

The Rich Family – A visit from my girlfriend

a large man is using a smaller naked man as a footrest as the smaller mans girlfriend kneels

During the time that I served the family, I met a girl and we hung out anytime I was free to roam from the estate. As we started getting closer, I was concerned about her getting too close and having problems with my servitude to the Rich family. In a true Alpha move, Rich rented a small apartment. To show his dominance and ownership over me, any sexual act had to be done in that apartment, at his big bare feet. My first blowjob from her went like this.

We both walked into the room…Rich was already there. The apartment was completely empty except for a huge black throne in the main room. He gave me his signal and I stripped naked and laid at his feet. He motioned for Brandy to come over and kneel, which she did. He explained his rules and she agreed to everything.

Rich explains the rules of any type of sex with his slave to Brandy

To further show his ownership, she wasn’t allowed to touch my nuts. He used his toes to grab my ballsack and flop it onto my leg. He then put his large foot down on my balls, squishing them into my thigh. My cock got hard immediately and Brandy went to work on me.

I moaned softly a few times. Rich was enjoying watching Brandy and didn’t want to hear me, so I ended up with his huge toes stuffed into my mouth

His large toes helped to silence my moans

Rich allowed Brandy to move around a bit, but kept me firmly pinned under his large feet