May 28, 2023
Erotipodia Original Stories

So how does a cuckold go about upsetting an Alpha male? There are many ways. One is to marry a woman he’s wanted to fuck for years. In my defense, I’ve known her much longer and I had no idea he was into her until after we were together and engaged. The fact that we got married didn’t stop him from coming around. I mean, they’ve still been friends for many years and he’s always been nice to me. Always very  friendly and talkative. But he makes NO bones about the fact that he still wants to fuck her. He’ll make comments about her appearance, her body, etc right there in the room in front of me. In fact, I’ve turned my back on the two of them a few times over the years of our marriage and I can just “feel” that he’s doing something. She’ll tell me later that he grabbed her ass or tits, but that’s as far as he’s gone with the grabbing. He’s a bigger guy than me, standing about 5’10 or 5’11, he’s heavier, but not fat…he’s just a big guy. Way number two?  Recently, I found out that I was friends on social media with one of his ex girlfriends. He dated her many, many years ago, but apparently he’s noticed that I “like” on a lot of her posts and he’s mentioned it to my wife. The Alphas way of keeping the cuckold husband in his place I guess. The last time he was here he caressed her tits as I was on YouTube looking up his company to see the new commercial they’d released. As soon as my eyes were on my computer screen, his large hands were caressing and gently grabbing on my wife right behind me. She never uttered a peep. Nor has she ever pushed him away. She allows him to touch, pinch and grab at her body behind my back and she knows it turns me on and drives me crazy. This particular day, I wasn’t expecting anything different.

He was coming into town to visit, drop by, show us the newest product in his line, hang around and chat for a bit before heading out to visit other friends. He arrived and we both went out to meet him and let him into our gated community. He parked in front of our home as my wife walked out hurriedly to the car to greet him. She always has a little spring in her step, like when she’s glad to see an old friend. He gave her a big hug and picked her up off the ground, twirling around once as he did. He almost has to. She’s only 4’9, so he towers over her. He walked up to me and shook my hand, his big fist wrapping around mine. He always has a strong handshake…another trait of the Alpha. They walked ahead of me and we ended up in our office, chatting and passing a joint around. His company produces expensive smoking accessories, fine quality stuff, and he’d brought a little gift for her from the new glass line. She looked it over like a 5yr old getting a new bike from Santa Clause, and passed it over to me to look at while they talked. It was an exquisite piece, hand blown glass, perfect and colored in her favorite colors. I looked up to see them passing the joint again and I handed her back her new pipe. He mentioned that it matched the shirt she was wearing, and that it looked good on her. I felt my face flush in embarrassment and the old familiar “subbie” feeling rose in my gut. I just sat there, smiling as she passed the joint to me. After an hour or so of visiting, he announced that, as much as he hated it, he had to run. We all stood up and something changed. Something in the dynamics of the relationship that the three of us have had over the years, he’s a friend, this is me, this is my wife…something changed.

“How about a kiss for the road?” he asked jokingly. He’d never asked that, not in all the years we’d been married. However, over the past year I’d begun to open up to my wife about my fetish. About trample. About cuckolding. Some of it intrigued her, other parts she just wasn’t sure about. One thing that apparently stuck with her was me being a footrest or a step stool while she kissed an admirer. “That’s OK under one condition,” she said. She looked over her shoulder at me and pointed to the floor. I blushed. Hard. My entire face must have been red as I slowly walked over to them. He just stood there, not knowing what was going on. She moved to one side and I laid on the tile floor in between them. She held onto his shoulders as she stepped her little bare feet up onto my stomach. “He has some sort of foot fetish?” he asked her as she balanced. He watched her marching her feet softly on my stomach to get her footing. “Something like that,” she said. “He said this would be fine as long as he’s underfoot.” I laid there, saying nothing. I’d told her a few months back about a fantasy like this. I’d remain silent, as part of the floor under her feet as she indulged herself. He held her arms as she placed one foot on my stomach and one on my chest. “And this is all it takes to get a kiss from you now, huh?” he asked with a grin. He didn’t hesitate, but went right in, putting his hand in the back of her head and his other on the small of her back as he pressed his lips against hers. They remained like that for a good minute, him taking full advantage of the situation and getting as much ass grabbing as he could before releasing her. He held her hands as she stepped backwards off of me and I stood up. I moved out of their way as he gave her a hug and a pat on the ass. He turned to me and held out his hand. “Been fun as always man. See you next time.” My wife gave me a quick glance as she walked him to the front door and just like that, it was over. She closed the door behind him and turned to me. “Are you hard?” she asked with this grin that always made me feel about 2 inches tall. “Yes,” I said sheepishly. She knew I was, she just wanted me to say it to turn HER on. “You liked that, didn’t you?” she asked as she walked me backwards into our bedroom. I just nodded as she pushed me back onto the bed. It was a good night 😉