February 23, 2024
man in casual clothing standing on a womans stomach

She came to me when she was 18yrs old, I was in my late 30’s. She was fresh out of high school, still living with overbearing, conservative, well-off, religious parents. She was scared to show her true sexuality…she was a bisexual with urges to try out every fetish she came across, especially trample and humiliation. Her parents would have disowned her on the spot for being that way. What a bunch of fucking losers. I thought she was a beautiful creature. And she was interested in my trample and foot fetish.

She was my foot rest a few times before she wanted to venture into more extreme trampling like she saw on my website. Looking back over these pictures, I wonder what her parents would say? What would I say to them that would just destroy them for being such assholes? I imagine it would go something like this:

I stomped your daughter today. I put your little girl on my floor and I stood on her stomach until she groaned.  I jumped on her belly so much she farted under my big feet. That pretty face you kissed and cradled in your hands, I stepped on it. I put my size 10 ½  dress shoe on her pretty nose and I ground her face under my sole. The same sole I’d walked on all day across gravel and grit and god knows what else, I ground it into her face because she’s my foot slut now.

I stepped off long enough for her to take off her shirt (her idea). She wanted to feel the rough, hard soles of my shoes on her skin. Before I stepped up on her body, I put my foot on her little cunt and then I stepped on it. When I stood on her stomach with all my weight, she groaned again. Such a beautiful little creature. Her moans were even beautiful. I bounced carefully on one foot before stepping off of her and removing my shoes.

I put my black-socked foot on her tit and pressed down. It crushed down flat against her rib cage and squished out from under the edges of my foot. You and your wife probably helped her buy her first training bra. I shifted my weight and stood both feet on her chest, one on each tit. My 200lbs crushed them both flat, causing her to whimper in pain a little.

I stepped off of her and stood over her, wondering what to do next. She patted her stomach and tits. I knew what she wanted. I raised my leg and I stomped her right in the lower stomach. She groaned, so I did it again and again. I stood over your little girl and stomped her writhing body on my living room floor like she was some backstreet thug who’d just tried to rob me. I stomped her tits, my socked foot slamming down onto her bra over and over. I loved hearing her whimper, but she didn’t tell me to stop. So I stepped on her stomach again with all my weight, crushing her belly flat under my big foot.

I stepped off of her and stood down at her legs. I let her catch her breath and look me in the eye before I grabbed her ankles, raised her legs and stomped her vagina with the wide sole of my foot. She grunted loudly. I imagine the grandkids you thought you might get one day from her as I used my heel to grind her clit, making her yelp out in pain. Still holding her ankles in the air, I stomped on her pussy a few more times until I could feel her wet panties against my foot. Your precious daughter, getting her cunt stomped on by a man twice her age.

I stood on her stomach two more times, each time, looking down at her pretty face as she struggled under my weight. She’s a good little foot whore. I should stomp on her more often. I know she sneaks out of your house to come to mine. If you could only see the footprints I leave on your daughter when she leaves my house. The red marks across her stomach, her bright red and raw nipples. Grit from my shoes ground into her pretty face.

She leaves and I sit and contemplate what I’m going to do to her the next time she sneaks over here

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