Brats – Vanity

There’s something wonderful to be said about a girl who just walks up and does what she wants to you because she knows you’re submissive to her. This was my girlfriends sister, Vanity. It was an appropriate name. She was a couple of years younger than her sister. Beautiful. Blonde, blue eyes and golden brown tanned skin and a smile that just made you happy just looking at her. If she’d had any interest in me other than entertainment under her feet, I’d have dated HER instead of her sister. Vanity knew about my fetish and while she had an absolute blast sticking her feet in my face and stomping on me like a piece of bubble wrap or trash, she had no interest in me as a person or lover.

One evening I went over to my girlfriend’s house to pick her up for a movie. When I got there, I was told that she wasn’t back from a mall trip with her friends yet, but I was invited inside to wait for her. I went upstairs to my girlfriends bedroom to hang out and wait. I was only there for a few minutes when I heard the front door downstairs open and close back. I heard Vanity and another girls voice as they laughed and chattered as they made their way across the house to the stairs at the end of the hall. She would have to pass my girlfriends bedroom to get to her own.

Now, ever since Vanity found out about my fetish, we’ve had an unspoken rule. When she walks into any room that I’m in, if I’m alone, I’m to lay down on my back and let her walk across me, step on my face, give me a few stomps, whatever she wished. I was truly her foot bitch. My heart belonged to my girlfriend, my soul was owned by her sister and her perfect feet.

I heard them coming closer, so I got up from my seat on my girlfriends bed and laid on the floor close to her open door. I looked up in time to see Vanity and her friend standing in the doorway over me. They were both barefoot and had been walking around the neighborhood when they decided to come hang out in the AC for a bit. Both girls were beautiful, Vanity’s friend was every bit the goddess she was. It only took a moment for Vanity to say, “Watch what he lets me do to him.” I was scared and a little embarrassed. She had only trampled me privately before, never in front of her friends. I guess today was her “coming out” day.

A few things happened in that moment. She asserted her dominance over me in front of her friend. I showed submissiveness in laying down. And then there was more. She held onto the door frame and stepped up onto my stomach. She faced towards my legs and balanced on her left foot for a moment. I looked at her beautiful legs, the curvy calf muscles, the arch of her foot as it sank into my stomach. Then, using her right foot, she stomped my balls two or three times, giggling between each stomp as I groaned in pain and winced. I just laid there though, grunting with each hit, focused on the beautiful tanned foot and leg that were crushing my stomach flat and the beautiful girl that was abusing me under her feet just to make her friend laugh.

I glanced up at her friend, who was just watching wide eyed and with a huge smile on her face. Vanity stepped off of me and I took a deep breath. She and her friend were still looking down at me and laughing. “I do that to him all the time,” she told her friend. “Do you want a turn? He won’t move, he’ll just lay there if I tell him.” Her friend laughed but declined the offer. The two turned away and continued down the hallway towards Vanity’s bedroom. I laid there for a moment, letting my balls stop hurting before I got up and sat back on my girlfriends bed to wait for her.

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