Casey Tramples the Farts Out

Sometimes stompings come at the most random times. One morning I was sitting in my office when my boss’s daughter came walking in with one of her friends. Casey had stepped on me before, but she’d never done it in front of any of her friends. I greeted them as they walked up to my desk. Casey came around and stood beside my chair. She had this evil grin right before she said, “Watch what he lets me do to him.”

I was a little scared. I had no idea what she was planning. She motioned for me to stand up. I stood and she pulled my chair away and pushed it over to the side. “Lay down,” she said as she pointed to the floor. I was stuck. She’d trampled me frequently in the past and I’d never told her “No” or denied her any standing on me. But her friend was standing right there. Watching. Waiting to see what I’d do. I caved in.

I laid down on the floor in front of my desk. Casey kicked off her shoes and hopped right up onto my stomach with both feet. I grunted a little, causing her to smile that evil grin again and look down at me as she hopped another 4-5 times. Her friend stood there, leaning on my desk and laughing at me as she watched me being squashed on the floor.

Casey’s eyes lit up. “OH! You’ve gotta see this,” she said. I instantly knew what she meant. A few weekends ago, she’d jumped on my stomach off a couch. I farted loudly, getting a loud laugh from her that lasted several minutes. She was still teasing me about that a week later. Now she wanted to do it again.

She hopped on my stomach several more times, hoping to crush me hard enough to make me fart, but it didn’t work. She jumped harder. Now she was holding her friends’ hand, had one hand on my desk and she was jumping and slamming her feet back down into my belly. Each time she’d land, she’d make a face like she was listening…to hear me fart. When I didn’t, it was back to jumping.

She landed hard with her heels one time and I farted loudly. Now she knew what to do. She stood on my chest, held her friends’ hand, and began heel stomping me in the stomach. Each time, I farted. Sometimes a small fart, other, harder stompings made me fart harder. Her friend was laughing so hard now that Casey told her to join in. Her friend stood on the floor between my legs and stomped her heel hard into my belly. Casey, still standing on my chest, bounced and giggled when her friend began stomping. This was amusing them!

I laid there for probably 6-7 minutes while these two girls took turns stomping on me and jumping hard onto my stomach just to hear me fart and groan in pain. My boss never came out of her office. I’m pretty sure she heard two ladies in the other office beating a man half to death on the floor with their feet, but she never came in to check on me. Anyone walking through the hallway would have seen two women standing behind a desk, stomping something, but if they were curious, no one stopped to see. I was breathing heavily by the time they both stopped. Casey grabbed her shoes and stepped up onto my stomach. She held onto the desk, balanced on one foot and put the other up to my face. “Put my shoes back on,” she said. I laid there and put each one on as she stood on my belly. The two girls laughed and walked out of my office, leaving me lying on the floor to catch my breath.

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