Checkmate by Bishop

It all started with Goddess giving me a call late one evening.”Would you like to be under my feet as I get fucked?” she asked with a twinge of evil in her voice. That little voice she uses when I know she has a devilish grin going on too. Of course I jumped at the chance. I arrived at her house as instructed, and as per her instructions, I came in through the back door of the house and made my way to her bedroom.
They were already on the bed. Goddess lying there, in the nude, save for a see through top that flowed beautifully around her curved figure. I was hard instantly seeing her lying there, her large, soft soles hanging off the bed. There he was. Her new lover. Bishop. The man was as big as his name sounded. A large black man, he stood there naked at the end of the bed between her legs. He was about 6’2 and athletic build with wide, strong looking feet. God, they must have been at least a size 13. He turned around to see who was coming in and instantly my erection was gone. His dick was huge. No wonder Goddess loved sex with this guy. I was even more painfully aware of how small I was in comparison when Goddess told me to strip and lay at the end of the bed.
Bishop never said a word to me, but his stare was enough. He knew he was the highlight of her night. I was here as an ancillary character, to turn her on seeing me underfoot. I stripped and laid down longways against the foot of her bed. She slid off the bed, stood next to my body and bent over, putting her hands on the mattress. Bishop didn’t ask or wait for a signal, he grabbed her by the hips and pushed his huge cock into her. She looked down at me and smiled. His thrusting got harder and deeper and her smile turned to pure pleasure as he fucked her standing over the top of me. She locked eyes with me briefly and mouthed “Watch…”. My heart was pounding as I lay there watching him slam against her, fucking her as hard as he could.
I was mesmerized for a moment, watching her pussy take it all in, her cunt dripping, dripping down and landing on the carpet next to my prone body. She saw it hit the floor and putting her left foot onto my chest, stepped up and stood with her other foot on my stomach. Bishop never pulled out. He didn’t have to, I swear his cock was the size of a Pringles can for fucks sake. She stood on my body, still holding onto the bed as he vigorously fucked my Goddess until her toes curled. She didn’t have to worry about her carpet anymore, not when she was standing on her human rug. The cum dripped down her vaginal lips and landed on my stomach between her feet. She orgasmed hard, I saw her bite her lip and I felt her knees go weak as she stood on me. Bishop kept ramming his large cock into her until, out of breath, she told him she had to sit.
Still standing on me, she spun around and sat down on the end of the bed. She put one foot on my thigh, and put the other one on my neck “So he can watch” she said. She grabbed Bishop by his dripping cock and pulled him towards her. At her direction, he stepped up onto my stomach with his other foot ending up on my chest. He held onto her shoulders as she put his dick into her mouth and started blowing him. I laid there, watching her, getting hard because SHE was getting enjoyment. I couldn’t see Bishops feet around Goddess’ calf, but I felt his large foot sinking into my stomach. I’m sure he was going to leave a good footprint on my chest when he stepped off. I was so busy watching her take his cock, that I didn’t pay attention to mine. Bishop pulled his dick out of Goddess’ mouth and said “Why is his dick touching my foot??” I was embarrassed and horrified. I tried to speak, but Goddess’ foot on my throat prevented me from saying a word.
Instead, Goddess lifted her foot from my thigh and put it firmly on my hard dick, covering it from sight. Bishop looked down at me, grabbed his dick and stuffed it back into Goddess’ mouth without saying a word. The rest of the blowjob he stood on me, my dick crushed underneath Goddess’ foot as he looked down occasionally to make sure I was watching. To make sure that “I” knew that he was the one getting head. HE was the one on top…no pun intended. Goddess stroked him faster and faster and then I felt HIS toes curl and dig into my stomach. He shifted his weight onto my chest, his solid 235lbs crushing me under his wide sole. He lifted his foot off my stomach and pressed down on Goddess’ foot that was covering my dick. “Move your feet” he told her. She took her feet off my body as he stepped off, holding his large, erect cock in his hand.
When her feet were clear of my body, he put his large foot down on my stomach, his heel crushing my bladder and his toes at my ribs as he stood and stroked himself to an orgasm. One final stroke and he aimed his dick at my chest and shot all over my body as I turned red from shame. Goddess lifted her right foot and put it down across my face. “Not in his face. I like his face” she said with a grin. Bishop shifted his weight onto my stomach and stood on one foot until I groaned before stepping off and sitting on the side of the bed. Goddess looked down at me, removed her foot from my face and said “We need a clean up.” I got up hurriedly and went to the restroom for warm wet towels for them both before returning and cleaning myself up. “Would you like anything else Goddess?” I asked her as I stood in the restroom doorway. “No, that’s all” she said with a smile. I hurried to get dressed and out the door to give them time alone.

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