I thought this was going to be a regular sex toy/cuckold evening with Goddess. I found out as soon as she let me in and took me to her bedroom that I had underestimated my evening. There were 2 large African-American guys sitting on her bed. I recognized one as her lover, Bishop, but I didn’t know who the other was. He was just as big as Bishop though. He must have been about 6’2, and I’ve seen enough feet to know that he wore about a size 13 at minimum. “Well here he is again,” Bishop said to me. I smiled at him kind of halfheartedly, after all, he was the Alpha male with Goddess. She turned to me and said “Strip & lay there in the middle of the floor.” I did as I was told and as I was removing all my clothing, she, Bishop, and the other guy began removing theirs. As they stood there talking, I learned the 2nd guys name was Jr.

Completely nude now, I tossed my clothes against a wall and laid out on the floor on my back. Goddess grabbed Bishop and Jr by their dicks and walked slowly towards me, holding their dicks like they were leashes as they followed behind her. She had this evil grin on her face that was making my whole body tingle just from looking at her. I felt my dick starting to get hard. She walked right up to me and put one large, soft sole down on my stomach. “Look here guys,” she said, “the rug is hard!” She picked up her foot from my stomach, put it on my balls and stepped up full weight onto me, putting her other foot onto my chest. The guys stood behind her, holding onto her to help her balance. She let go of their cocks and stepped off the other side of me. Bishop already knew this game and how to treat me on the floor. He stepped up first onto my chest, then put his other large foot down on my balls, smashing them down between my thighs. I groaned a bit and he stepped off. Jr, the new guy, looked intrigued.

Goddess had told him about this before he came, but he had never actually seen or done it. He quickly stepped up onto my stomach and stepped off the other side. “No, no,” Goddess told him. “He’s on the floor because it’s his place. You’re my Alpha. Your place is here..” she backed him up until he was standing on me again, one foot on my stomach, one on my chest. She pressed her body against him as he stood on me. I looked up to see her caressing his cock, grabbing his ass and running her hands over his toned body. I looked down at my flabby body. His large feet covered from side to side, his wide, round heels pressing me into the floor. I felt his legs quiver as she stroked him, and then she stopped. “He’s mine now,” she said. Jr stepped off of me and Goddess stood over me and straddled my waist. “I’m going to sit here,” she said, planting a foot firmly on my dick, “And I want you two to stand here and here..” she said, pointing to the floor on either side of me at my shoulders.

She pressed and rubbed her foot into my groin until she felt my dick get hard again and then she sat down, taking my cock into her wet pussy. She was already turned on from playing with Jr. I was lucky tonight. I’d get her pussy. She sat down and began riding me slowly as each of the men walked up and stood right beside me. Bishop was the first to move. Standing by my right shoulder, he placed his left foot down firmly on my chest. Goddess took his fat cock into her mouth. Jr took the hint and standing at my left shoulder, put his right foot down on my chest. She took his cock in her hand and began giving him a handjob while she sucked on Bishop. Both men were touching her chest, running their fingers through her hair when she stopped and moved Jr to one side. He took his foot off me, and Bishop stepped up both feet onto my chest, facing her.

I watched as she continued to bounce up and down on my throbbing cock while she sucked Bishop dry. Jr stood to one side, stroking his own cock and touching Goddess. Bishop came hard. So hard he stood on his toes, crushing my chest under his weight and making my cock throb harder. He finished on Goddess’ face and stepped off my body. I took a breath as Jr stepped up onto me the same way Bishop had been. I groaned again as the large feet pinned me to the floor. A fuck toy AND being trampled under multiple, large feet. This was turning out to be a nice night. She sucked Jrs cock for another 5 minutes or so before he came on Goddess’ face as well. As Jr stepped off of me, Goddess stood to her feet. “Towel,” was all she had to say. I peeled my body off the floor and ran to her bathroom where I got a warm wet towel. I rushed back and handed it to her and took my place on the floor again. “That was a neat trick,” Jr laughed. Goddess stood over me again and tossed the towel to the floor. “Bishop, right here please,” she said, positioning him at my head. With that, she stepped up onto my stomach, facing towards my legs. Jr took her hands as she slowly Jrt over and presented herself to Bishop.

“Now this, I like,” he said as he grabbed his dick and pushed it into her. I felt her toes curl into my flesh as he rammed deep into her wet cunt. She squeezed Jrs hands as Bishop pulled slowly out of her and then rammed in again. She was moaning softly now. Jrs dick hung there in front of her. I hadn’t noticed before, but he was huge too. I felt a bit inadequate being naked under these Alpha Gods & Goddess. Bishop continued to fuck her slowly from behind as she stood on my belly. Jr couldn’t help it. He let go of Goddess with one hand and taking his own cock in his hand, pushed it into her mouth. She didn’t even try to oppose him. She started blowing him while being fucked by Bishop. I was amazed. I was in heaven as I looked at them. That was when my dick started getting hard again. “Hide that,” Goddess said, taking Jrs cock out of her mouth for a moment. Jr didn’t hesitate. His right foot came down firmly on my balls and dick, dwarfing them under his wide sole.

Goddess put his dick back into her mouth and kept blowing him. I looked again at my body. Goddess standing on my belly. Her soft soles pressing me into the floor. Bishop standing over my head, fucking her as hard as he could. I swear to god his cock is as big around as my forearm. This is why he fucks her and I’m the toy. I looked down at my body again. My cock and balls, pinned under this new Alpha males foot. Flattened under a dominant couple. I groaned a little as Bishop slammed into her harder and harder. Goddess was moaning so loudly that she had to stop sucking Jrs cock. And then she came. She held onto Jr for balance as Bishop began fucking her faster and faster. She came hard again, her cum running down her leg and pooling around her feet on my stomach. Jr watched her and stroked himself until he came again, shooting all over her tits and face as she Jrt over in front of him, holding his waist for support.

Bishop pulled out of her quickly and the next thing I knew, he’d sprayed all over the backs of her thighs, calves, and all over my chest. I looked up and Goddess stepped off of me out of breath and smiling. “Towel,” she said again. I had just been crushed on the floor underneath 2 people for the past 15 minutes. I groaned as I pulled myself up from the floor again and rushed to the rest room. All 3 were lying on the bed on their backs, legs hanging over the end of the bed when I came back. I didn’t hesitate. I gave 1 wet towel to Goddess, and using the other, I cleaned up her legs & feet. “You need to clean Jr’s feet too. He had to step on your cock to keep it out of the way,” she said. I didn’t say a word, but got on my knees at the end of the bed. Jr lifted the foot he’d crushed my balls with. I wiped his sole clean and started to get up.

“That’s not how you do it to MY feet,” Goddess said. I flushed with embarrassment. “Do it again,” she said with a grin. I gently wiped his sole again, and then put my lips on his huge heel and kissed it. She saw me grimace a bit and said “That was good, now do mine.” I gently cleaned both of her feet, ending each cleaning with a gentle kiss on her heels. “Now Bishop,” she said, smiling at me. Really? His are already clean, I thought to myself…but it WAS what the Goddess told me to do. I picked up Bishops large feet one by one and cleaned them and kissed each heel. “We’ll be in the living room in a bit, you should have lunch made by then, right?” Goddess said, looking at me. “Yes ma’am, that’s correct,” I said. I gathered up my clothing and hurried out of the room. These Alphas wanted intimate, alone time together and I had lunch to make.

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