I was called to Goddess’ new home late one evening for a “house warming”, as she put it. I arrived at her place. She and her man had JUST moved in together and this was their first night in the house. Her mother had taken the kids so they were alone. I was anxious to see the new place, and to see what she had planned. I was allowed to come in through the front door and Goddess escorted me back to her room. Joseph was sitting on the end of their new king sized bed in a shirt and his underwear. Goddess closed the door behind me as I came in and said “You need to strip.” I wasted no time in following her order and I piled my clothing over in one corner of the room out of the way.

When I turned around, I noticed that she had placed a short wooden step stool on the floor by the end of the bed. “Your place is right here,” she said, pointing to the floor beside the stool. “Kneel here and put your dick on the stool.” Instantly my cock was hard. I blushed as she just laughed. “So that got you, huh?” she said. She snapped her fingers and I hurried over and knelt next to the stool. I grabbed my dick and laid it out on the stool as she told me. Joseph stood up from the end of the bed as Goddess got on her knees close to the stool. I was paying too much attention to her, looking into her eyes and trying to figure out what she was thinking, that I didn’t notice Joseph remove his underwear and STOMP his large foot down onto my poor dick. He held his foot there, squashing my poor dick flat onto the wooden stool.

Goddess smiled and took his large and still growing cock in her hand. She squeezed it while looking up at him and I got shivers and felt my dick pulse as it tried to get hard. Alas, that wasn’t happening. Her alpha-male’s foot covered my small cock, only the head could be seen, purple and bulging out from under the other side of his foot. Goddess put his dick in her mouth and started giving him a blow job right there in front of me. I wanted to watch, and I didn’t, all at the same time. I was getting turned on watching her, and the harder my dick got, it seemed, the harder Joseph pushed down on it. I was about to let out a whimper when Goddess pulled his wet dripping dick out of her mouth and stood up. Joseph took his foot off my dick and I looked down at the flattened, squashed mess in front of me. That might leave a bruise….

Goddess stood to her feet and she and Joseph traded places. Her soft size 10 came crashing down on my dick. That in itself made me hard and my cock pulsing underneath her sole made her look down at me and push down harder. The head of my dick bulged and squashed out the other side, and after Joseph sat on the floor in front of Goddess, he flicked it with his finger. I jumped and whimpered. Goddess took my chin in her hand and squeezed my face as Joseph grabbed her hips and put his face into her pussy. She held me like that, making me look into her face as he went down on her. Every lick, every flick of his tongue sent waves of electricity through her. My dick was feeling the impact of it too as her breathing got faster, she began grinding her foot around. She was holding my chin and making me look her in the eyes as her man ate her pussy and she was crushing my dick flat underneath her pretty size 10 sole. I lost eye contact with her as I glanced at Joseph with his face buried in her crotch.

A quick smack on my cheek by Goddess focused my attention back on her. She put her other hand on Joseph’s head and he stopped and leaned back. Goddess took her foot off my dick and said “You’re done. Get dressed.” I stood to my knees, my red and bruised dick hanging in front of me. “It served its purpose today” Goddess smiled. “Now take your stool back to the corner, get dressed and go. We have things to finish here,” she said. I did as I was told. After I returned home I inspected my dick. They’d both done a number on it and I’d have a little bruising, but I was just honored to have been allowed to “break in” the room with them 🙂

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