Her Wine

I remember it like it was yesterday. It might have been yesterday…I honestly can’t remember. Maybe because my Goddess stood on my head the entire time it took for her to drink a whole bottle of wine. I deserved it though, I drank the last of her wine in the fridge. I was going to replace it with a full bottle, but it slipped my mind and when she found that ALL her wine was gone and I didn’t have a bottle to replace it…you haven’t seen a stomping like that. She didn’t have to say a word, just snapped her fingers and pointed to the hard kitchen tile. I laid down obediently and she stepped up onto my stomach and proceeded to tell me exactly what I was to do to make up for this. I was to get my sorry ass up, get out of her house and buy her a new bottle. I was to gift wrap it, come back and present it, naked and kneeling before her. I took in all her instructions making mental notes as she stood there on me glaring into my eyes. To get her point across she raised one foot back and slammed it into my nuts. Her weight on my stomach had already exhausted my breath, so all that came out was a grunt. She stepped off and I was free to go do my tasks. I hurried and completed everything in record time and was back naked and kneeling before her in the kitchen before long. Another snap of her fingers and she indicated I was to lay down next to the cabinet. I did as she wished. She placed one foot gently onto my belly and steadied herself as she unwrapped her bottle of wine.
“Oh! A bottle of wine!” she said. “How thoughtful!” she looked down at me one last time before stepping her other foot up and shifting her full weight onto me. I lay there under her, looking up at her beautiful form as she poured herself a first glass of wine and took a sip. She inhaled deeply and licked her lips.
“This is a good wine. I’ll have to savor every drop of this” she said into the air. She was done paying attention to me. I was nothing but her soft mat to stand on while she enjoyed her drink. She shifted herself, putting her full weight onto her foot on my lower belly. I groaned loudly but she didn’t even blink. She simply took another sip of her wine and smiled. Another few minutes went by and another glass was poured. My stomach felt like it was on fire and I had footprints all over my chest. By her fourth glass, she had decided she would finish the bottle as she stood on my “stupid forgetful head”. Now, I love my Goddess dearly. I worship her. I love her feet on every part of my body…but for the next 15 minutes she stood full weight on the side of my head. I was starting to see spots in front of my eyes and get tunnel vision. My cock must have been rock hard and sticking up, because as she took her last sip, she stepped from my head to my chest, then raised her foot backwards and like she was kicking a football, she kicked my erect dick as hard as she could. It slammed back, slapping the hell out of my nutsack. I jumped in pain…well, the best that I could jump with a woman standing full weight on my chest and stomach. With that, she stepped off of me and turned to look at her work. I was covered in her footprints, red and sore all over.
“Want to rub my feet and watch a movie?” she asked. I couldn’t stand, so I crawled after her into the living room for the evening.

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