I’ll Trample Her, You Finger Her

female foot slave being trampled by a girl while girls brother watches

Years ago while staying at the family homestead over holidays, I had a unique experience. My girlfriend had this itch to be trampled by one of my sisters. Thankfully, the sister already knew of my fetish and when I explained what we wanted her to do, she was totally fine with it. After going to the room that we were staying in and locking the door, my sister stepped up on my girlfriends stomach and stood for a few moments. My girlfriend laid there, moaning softly and taking it all in. Out of the blue, my sister said “You know, she might like this better if you take off her pants…”. I didn’t hesitate. I stripped my girlfriends pants off with my sister still standing on her belly. “Now touch her,” my sister said. She turned and looked down at my girlfriend who was still enjoying the feel of feet on her belly. My sister walked in place slowly on her stomach, then up to her tits and back again. I couldn’t help it. I touched my girlfriends pussy, ran my fingers over her thighs and then stuck a few fingers inside of her. She moaned and arched her back a little. My sister, who was standing on her tits at the time, stepped back onto her stomach, flattening her to the ground again. We did this for several minutes before my sister stepped off of her. My girlfriend laid there, taking in deep breaths as my sister walked out the door and said, “You two go clean up, mom should have dinner ready in a bit”

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