Jackie was an adorable Hispanic girl that I used to work with when he was younger. I was manager of a retail chain store many years back and had the luck of meeting this beautiful young woman. The funny thing is, SHE brought the subject of her feet up to ME. It was a few days before the main manager was going to get back from his vacation. He’d been gone all week, leaving me in charge of the store. I’d gotten to know the employees well over the year or so I’d been working there and was friends with them all. It wasn’t uncommon to see a few of us together on lunch break up in the managers office chatting as we ate. So it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary when Jackie knocked on the office door and came in to eat her lunch with me.

She had a small bowl in her hands, and instead of sitting in the chair across the office, she came right over where I was sitting at my desk and plopped herself right onto the corner my desk and sat there. She was beautiful. Small stature, she probably stood about 5’2 – 5’3 and had the cutest little feet. I’d seen them when she’d come in to shop on her days off. She’d walk in wearing flip flops or sandals and walk around the store with me following her like a lost puppy dog as I tried to sneak glances at her pretty little soles. We were chatting for a few moments and she brought up the subject of oil massages. This peaked my interest and I asked if she liked getting massages or giving them. She said both, naturally, but she said that she gave the best massages…with her bare feet.

She must have seen my eyes, or the lump in my throat as I tried to remain calm and repeated “With your feet, you say?”. She continued. “Oh yeah. I like to put the person on the floor in front of me, squeeze a little lotion or oil on them and massage them with my feet.” Now she had my attention. “Have you ever had anyone do that to YOU?” she asked me. I admitted that I hadn’t. “What? You don’t like feet?” she asked me. OK. NOW she’d opened the floodgate. I proceeded to open up to her about my fetish. She sat on my desk, eating her lunch with a grin and wide eyes as I told her some of my experiences being trampled, stomped and jumped on by people much larger than she was. “So when can WE try this?” she interrupted. I was hoping she’d say that 🙂

We arranged a time when she’d be working, on her lunch break, the next week. The manager would be back in and he’d scheduled her to work all week. But she wasn’t giving up on this chance to trample on me. We set up the day for one of my days off. It felt like forever waiting for the next week, but when the day arrived, I walked nervously into the store. The manager greeted me and asked if I knew I was off today. Of course I did…I was going to be trampled flat by our cutest employee…but I didn’t tell him that. I just said I would be having lunch with Jackie in the backroom. He nodded and went about his business. I walked into the backroom and Jackie was already sitting at the table finishing up her food.

She was fucking ADORABLE. She’d done her hair and makeup and had worn a cute little pair of shoes that she could easily slip off. “So where do you want to do this?” she asked looking around. We were in a large warehouse. The only rooms were the breakroom that we were in and the restrooms. We chose the mens room as there were more female employees on duty and we were less apt to be interrupted. We walked in and she shut and locked the door behind me. I laid on the floor next to the sink so she’d have something to hold onto. “So I just step on you?” she asked. “Yeah, I just love being stepped on, stood on, you can jump, etc.” I told her. She put one foot on my stomach and looked down at me. “Don’t be a pussy and yell if I hurt you,” she teased as she stepped up full weight.

She was a smaller girl, about 130lbs so she was fine. I laid there on a public restroom floor while she trampled and walked around on first my stomach, then chest. “Get ready,” she said. She held the sink for balance and jumped up and down on my stomach about 5-6 times in a row. “This is fun!” she said with a giggle. She put her hand over her mouth when she realized she’d said that too loud. We were still in a locked restroom after all. She quietly began marching on my stomach, first slowly, then quicker and quicker until she was almost running in place on my belly. I was out of breath and huffing for air. “Shhhh.” she said with a smile as she stepped off of me. She slid her shoes back on and I stood up. “Just like that?” she asked. “Yes, JUST like that,” I told her. Her lunch break was almost over, so she quickly tidied up her vest and hair and slid out of the mens room door. She gave me a wink as she left. I took a few moments in there to compose myself and let sink in what had just happened before heading out to go home.

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