Know Your Place

This day started like any other, with me rising early, preparing the office for the day, brewing coffee and finally kissing her soles gently to awaken her for the day. We were both busy at our desks when she started telling me about the messages she was receiving from her crush. Her Alpha male. At first I listened to her, but then my focus kept drifting back to the job at hand on my laptop in front of me. At one point I began talking to her about some story I’d just seen online when she said “Quiet! I’m involved in a much more important conversation than yours right now.” Once I realized this I knew I needed to step back and take a break. Priorities and all, you know. I crawled over to her desk, beside her chair and laid on my stomach to pet the small cat that was lying under the desk.

I got to pet the cat exactly once before I felt a soft, cool sole push down on the back of my head. She apparently wanted a footrest. I rolled over like the obedient subbie I am, and she placed her foot down on the middle of my sternum. A few days ago I set up her phone with a special ringtone… his voice calling her name. As I laid there on the floor, I kept hearing him call her name over and over. Each time, she’d grin from ear to ear and answer the message, keeping me pinned down with her pretty foot on my chest. I massaged her foot and ankle and after a few minutes I took her foot in my hand, kissed her sole and said “I’d stay here all day if I wasn’t so swamped with work.” As I said this, I started to slide a bit so that I could get up and leave. She wasn’t having that. She was fast, and pushed her foot down onto my face, smashing my nose and lips flat. “You’ll stay right there until I’m finished talking to him,” she told me. “This conversation won’t take all day.”

Who was I to argue? I dropped my arms to my side and looked out of the one eye that wasn’t covered with her sole. The cat gave me a strange look as he passed by. I couldn’t call out or say a word to him though, my mouth was squashed under her arch. I heard his voice call her name again. She took a puff on her cigarette and exhaled as she began typing back to him. I reached up gently and ran my fingers over the top of her foot as it pressed the back of my head into the tile floor. Soft. Strong. Dominating. She didn’t want to hear shit from me while she talked to him, but she wanted me to know every dirty thing he was saying. I’d hear his voice say her name, a low, stifled giggle, and then she’d read to me what he’d said to her. I couldn’t respond. She didn’t care to hear from me anyway, hence the foot pressed onto my mouth.

We just stayed in this position for what seemed like an eternity. I was seeing stars in the one eye that was smashed under her foot, but I didn’t care. I was able to breathe by pursing my lips out from under the edge of her foot. His voice saying her name over and over. Her giggles, and the way she’d occasionally playfully bounce her foot on my face when he’d say something clever. It all started to have an affect on me. My dick was standing at full attention by the time she took her foot off of my face and said “I need something from the kitchen,”. I was no longer needed underfoot, now it was time for me to make lunch.

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