shirtless man in jeans standing barefoot on a shirtless man in shorts

I met Rich and his wife, Tina, when I was 19. I was busting my ass at my minimum wage job and Rich noticed me. The three of us talked, I found out he was the founder/CEO of a large company. He found out I was a tech master and big on security. We hit it off and I was instantly a friend. Two days later he came to my workplace and offered me a job. I took it, of course. As the friendship deepened, he learned I was a foot slut. I learned he had a dominant side. I learned that he and Tina were kinky people who enjoyed dominating others together. I was in heaven.

Over my period of employment with him, I was allowed to be underfoot at any given time except for the workplace. I went on vacation with the family and even got to be underfoot at their wedding

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