bbw waves from around a doorframe

Years ago a friend and her daughter visited me at my home. While my wife and friend were talking, my friends daughter was playing with my cats when one of them suddenly ran under the bed in my room. I laid down on the floor next to the bed and reached under to coax him back out and figure out what spooked him. I was only there for a moment before I felt a large foot press down on my stomach. I pulled my head out from under the bed to see her daughter smiling down at me. At that moment her mom called from the other room, but she didn’t go to her. Instead, she leaned out of the doorway, keeping one foot firmly planted on my stomach. She talked to her mom for a few moments and then turned her attention back to me. With a big smile she pressed all her weight down onto me and stepped up. She only stood there for a few moments, but it was amazing and fun. She stepped off, giggled at me and went to the other room with her mom

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