Stories – She told the boys

One of the most intimate and awesome relationships I’ve been in was with a woman I’ll refer to as “Sandra”. Sandra had 2 sons, Sean and Tyler. Tyler was the oldest, at 21 and Sean was 19 at the time I started dating their mother. The boys instantly liked me. They saw that I adored their mother from head to toe…literally. They may have seen me kiss her feet a time or two when I was giving her a foot massage. This is probably what gave them such an open mind for what came next. I had been preparing an evening with them for movie night. They were all huge movie buffs, as am I, so movie nights were going to be fun and bonding. I arrived early at their home and made my way to the kitchen. I was making dinner for them tonight. Sean and Tyler were in their rooms playing World of Warcraft and Sandra was in the living room watching TV. Every once in awhile when I’d step away from the stove, I’d hurry into the living room, get on my knees in front of her and kiss her perfect size 9 soles. They were soft on my lips and the feel when she’d press them into my face was unearthly. She had total control over me. Once dinner was done, everyone made their way into the dining room and we had a nice dinner together.

We were walking back into the living room to set up the movies when Sandra stopped me in the middle of the room. “The boys have something they want to ask you,” she said, looking straight into my eyes. I froze. I wasn’t sure what was going on. The boys knew I loved her. Were they going to ask something about us? Like what were my intentions? Was I going to marry their mother? I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Tyler spoke first. “We want to step on you!” he blurted out. My face flushed. I must have been 10 shades of red all at once. Sandra could see I was a bit embarrassed. This isn’t something I just go tell everyone in my life about. I’ve always been made to feel as if my fetish were something “strange” or “different”. She spoke up. “I told the boys you like to be stepped on and jumped on,” she said. Both boys were smiling and appeared very anxious. “They thought it was the coolest thing they’ve ever heard of. You must be AWFUL strong”. She winked at me. “Lay down right there,” she said, pointing to the floor in front of her bare feet. I gulped, but when she was in control, I did whatever she wished. I laid on the floor at the bare feet of her small family.

Now, I have to stop here to say this. I’ve been trampled by males practically all my life. Sean and Tyler were always barefoot around the house, and yes, they did have nice feet, but I had never imagined them engaging in any kind of trample. Both boys were getting tall, like their abusive, asshole father, but unlike him though, both boys were kind, gentle souls who wanted desperately to do nothing more than stand on my fat belly at this moment. Sandra held Tylers hands as he put one large foot on my stomach and stepped up. He stood both feet together on my belly and balanced as he held his mothers hands. She looked down at me and smiled as Tyler stepped off. Sean was immediately on my stomach, and placed one foot down on my chest for balance. He let go of Sandra’s hands and stood there in a surfer pose for a moment before laughing and hopping off of me. Sandra reached down and took my hand as I stood to my feet. “How was that?” she asked, grinning from ear to ear. “It was wonderful” I said as I smiled at them all. “I loved it”. “Well, I’m glad you did,” she replied. “Because we’re going to need a footrest for this movie.” Again, I was overwhelmingly embarrassed. The boys didn’t show any signs of judgment on their faces. As the reality washed over me, all fears started to disappear. I was with a beautiful, older woman who openly accepted my foot/trample fetish in her home. She loved it, her boys seemed to enjoy the novelty of it.

I laid in front of the couch as they all 3 took their spots to watch the movie. Sandra sat down and had one foot on my upper thigh and the other on my stomach. Tyler sat on her left and had one foot on my chest. He teased and said he was going to put his other on my face. He and Sean burst into laughter until Sandra said “He’s OK with that too”. Tyler, still a little unsure, ended up putting his other foot across my forehead instead. Seans feet both ended up on my leg. We watched the ENTIRE movie like this. Occasionally I’d be “released” to go refresh Sandra’s drink. She’d ask me to refill the boys drinks too since I was already going to the kitchen. I was literally the footrest and slave to a family! I was smiling the entire time. After the movie was over, everyone was moving around the house doing their own thing for a bit. It was getting late and I needed to drive back to my home on the other side of town. Sandra and I went to her room where we closed the door for a few quick moments of making out. She likes her bed the same as I do…no box springs, just a mattress on the floor. It does wonders for my back 😉 We’re sitting on her mattress kissing when someone knocked at the bedroom door. We stopped and she told them to come in. Sean and Tyler stepped into the room with some questions about using the car tomorrow to go hang out with some friends. Sandra stood and walked over to her dresser to get the keys for them. She turned back to me and saw me looking at my watch. “Boys, it’s about time for him to go home. Would you like a trampoline to end the night?” Both boys chimed in with an excited “Yes!”. Sandra instructed me to lay on her mattress, against the wall so they’d have something to hold onto. I laid down and the three of them walked onto the mattress and right up to me. “Who’s first?” she said. Tyler wasted no time in stepping right up onto my stomach. He stood there for a moment and asked “Are you sure this is OK? It really doesn’t hurt?” Before I could answer, Sandra raised her foot and placed her soft sole down across my throat and answered for me. “No, it doesn’t hurt. I’ve even jumped on him a few times” she said with an evil grin.

That was all Tyler needed. He began jumping up and down on my stomach. I just laid there with Sandra pressing her beautiful, tanned foot into my throat. I looked up into her eyes and everything else just disappeared. Tyler stepped off and Sean literally hopped up onto my stomach. I let out a little huff of breath, but Sandra never took her foot off my neck. I was trapped in her eyes as she just smiled down on me. I lost all track of what the boys were doing. They were taking turns now, jumping on and off my stomach. Sandra pushed down a little harder on my throat until my eyes closed and then said “OK boys, that’s enough, he’s still got a long drive home.” She removed her foot and I just laid there for a moment taking in the fact that this really just happened. I rolled over and sat up as both boys left the room. “You think that’ll get you through the night?” Sandra asked me as she ran her finger over my lips. “Goddess, that would get me through the rest of my life,” I told her. I kissed her and she walked me to my car as we said our good-nights. This would not be the last time I was trampled by this family.

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