Rich 3 – In the Bedroom

During the years of Rich and Sonja’s dating and engagement, they took me everywhere. As Sonja became more and more used to having me under her feet, I was used for more and different things besides just being trampled or being a foot rest. They found that the added sensation of toe sucking and foot… Continue reading Rich 3 – In the Bedroom

Cuck Squish

Goddess is amazing to watch during sex. Beautiful. I’m thankful she and her love even allow me to be in the room while they fuck. Sometimes I’m used as a “push-off” for extra traction, sometimes I’m simply stepped on and trampled to turn them both on. It’s fun living with foot-sadists.

Know Your Place

This day started like any other, with me rising early, preparing the office for the day, brewing coffee and finally kissing her soles gently to awaken her for the day. We were both busy at our desks when she started telling me about the messages she was receiving from her crush. Her Alpha male. At… Continue reading Know Your Place

All Feet - All Trample - All the Time