Office Humiliation

We had just moved into our new office. Things were going good. We had various contractors out setting up our internet, phones, postage machines, etc. There were workers milling all around throughout the office. My boss, Monique, was sitting in her office, setting up things on her desk. I had completed setting up my office…I… Continue reading Office Humiliation

Brandy on Facebook

I’ve taken a liking to a certain model and I’m using her as my digital representative on the “cleaner” places like Facebook and other social media platforms. She’s usually doing foot poses, sometimes with a friend. If you like these, follow on Facebook: @BrandyErotipodia. I usually try to do a daily photo or at least… Continue reading Brandy on Facebook

Short Render – Family Breakfast

I’ve been a servant for many families over the years. Once people know you’ll cook, clean, do their laundry, or any other chores just for the opportunity to lay under their feet, they tend to take advantage of the offer. This lovely couple in particular. They like having meals prepared and ready for them when… Continue reading Short Render – Family Breakfast

Short Render – The Balcony Bitch

Linda & Tabby invited me over many years ago to check out their new sky loft apartment. The outside balcony was beautiful, overlooking the city below. I mentioned that it would be a great place for nude sunbathing or any other adult activity, as it was high above most of the other buildings and no… Continue reading Short Render – The Balcony Bitch

Billy’s Ball Torture

Years ago I was employed at a large mansion. The owners, Tanya and William, lived there along with their 18yr old son, Billy. William was always gone on business, so it was always just me, Tanya and Billy around the house along with the cleaning crew. The main house was usually empty and open. As… Continue reading Billy’s Ball Torture

All Feet - All Trample - All the Time