Theodore is invited over to be a footrest for The Beast. When you have the opportunity to be under size 16 wide feet and 300lbs of solid muscle, you don’t refuse. He wasn’t aware that Beast had a friend coming over to share in the playtime.


This wasn’t my first time being trampled by another guy, but it was the most interesting. Many years ago I worked at an auto parts store out on the edge of town. I was still running a trample site and I had put an ad out looking for models. One response got my attention. His… Continue reading Eduardo

Put Yourself In The Action

Have you ever looked at a trample or foot fetish photo and imagined yourself in the place of the lucky slave? Of course you have. Now Erotipodia can make that a reality. FACIAL TRANSFERS Using facial transfer software, I can wrap your face onto a figure in my CGI program. Select one of the models… Continue reading Put Yourself In The Action

Billy’s Ball Torture

Years ago I was employed at a large mansion. The owners, Tanya and William, lived there along with their 18yr old son, Billy. William was always gone on business, so it was always just me, Tanya and Billy around the house along with the cleaning crew. The main house was usually empty and open. As… Continue reading Billy’s Ball Torture

All Feet - All Trample - All the Time