The Bone

It was a crisp, clear, cool day in Houston. A perfect day for the park. Goddess and I met up at a large neighborhood community park and as her kids were running around playing, we started talking. The conversation was interesting and somehow turned to discussion of morning sex. Goddess looked around for both of her kids and pointed me to a bushy area of the park out of view. I raised an eyebrow in wonder, but she pointed again so I obeyed. I walked nonchalantly from our bench over to the hedge of bushes and disappeared in the foliage.

After a few moments, Goddess appeared through the brush and pointed to the ground in front of her. I didn’t care about the grass or sticks or dirt, I laid down immediately in front of her. “Here’s a bone for my dog,” she giggled. “Don’t say I never do anything for you”. With that, she stomped her size 11 sneaker down onto my crotch and stepped up full weight. I groaned as she shifted her weight, crushing my pelvis and genitals flat. Standing there on my groin with both feet, she made me call her Goddess and say I was her little trample toy. Of course I did without hesitation; she loves the power games.

She shifted her weight off my balls, and standing on my stomach now, stomped around a few times until she found my hard dick through my pants. With her shoe firmly down on my cock, she pressed down and rubbed. She kept rubbing, even when she she saw me squirming, breathing faster and faster. Standing on my stomach on one foot, she looked over her shoulder and down at me as my eyes fluttered with every passing wave of pleasure. She rubbed and shifted her weight down on my dick again, sending electricity shooting through my body. Shifting back to my stomach, she continued to rub her sneaker on my cock until I couldn’t take it anymore and exploded in my underwear. It took every bit of strength I had not to make a sound as I laid there on the ground, my body writhing in orgasmic bliss. When she saw that I was spent, she took her foot off my crotch and stepped off of me. She walked up beside me, smiled and put her foot down on my chest.
“Clean yourself up. There are some wet wipes in my truck.” She stepped on my sternum and walked over me leaving me lying there in the dirt, the feel of her foot still lingering on my chest.

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