This family trample was a nice by-product of an ad I put in the paper some years ago looking for a woman to do some trample pics. An older, swinging couple contacted me and after I told them what I wanted to do, they came over and I did a shoot with the wife, Ellen. Richard, her husband, sat on the couch grinning ear to ear and encouraging her where to step and how hard. At the end of the shoot, we’d all had so much fun that we planned another shoot together.
“We’ll bring our daughter,” was the last thing they said to me as they left my driveway. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Two weeks later, our scheduled day arrived. I had my camera set up in the living room like last time, the bar was cleared off to give Ellen something to hold onto if she needed, and for various shots. My heart leaped in my chest when the doorbell rang. I opened the door to Ellen, Richard, and a girl that looked too young to be involved in this. Her name was Rachel. I ushered them in, and immediately told them she had to be at least 18. She was 19. I didn’t believe them until she pulled out her drivers license. Holy shit. I was wrong. She WAS old enough. They sat down on the couch and I knelt on the floor in front of them, explaining what I wanted to do this time, and catching Rachel up on our last shoot and the fetish in general.

I asked them if they were ready to start shooting, and Rachel immediately stuck her foot up to me and said in a sweet voice, “Take my shoes off?” She was a young, beautiful blonde asking me sweetly to take off her shoes. I swallowed the knot in my throat and did as she asked, gently untying each sneaker and removing it from her foot. It wasn’t lost on me that her parents watched silently, grinning from ear to ear.

I removed her shoes and socks and stood to my feet. Ellen and Rachel stood with me. Richard sat on the couch again, ready to coach them both on. I removed my shirt and laid down in the middle of the floor and they started. Both ladies at first, walking across my chest and stomach together as they held hands, crushing me into the floor. Richard laughed and asked them to stand on me together for a moment. They both stepped up onto me and stood there as he got out his phone and took a photo. They stepped off and now continued to walk across me one at a time. Every time Ellen stepped off of me, Rachel was stepping up. I was being flattened by an attractive woman and her daughter, and the husband…wait, where was he?

I’d had my head turned to the side and my eyes closed as Ellen and Rachel were trampling me. I wanted to enjoy the feeling. I didn’t see Richard get up from the couch. I still didn’t see him coming up beside me, as his daughter was standing with one foot on my face and one on my chest. I didn’t know anything until I felt a hard, cold cowboy boot press down into my bare stomach. Richard wasn’t a small guy. This bear of a man was about 6’2 tall. If I had to guess a boot size, it was about 13. It covered across my stomach and I farted loudly as he shifted all his weight onto me. One boot on my stomach, one on my hips, he stood there and laughed. His wife held his hand for balance, and Rachel, still standing on my face, held onto her dad for balance. She wobbled a bit when she started giggling too, and stepped off, leaving me looking up at a family putting me under their feet.

“Is this cool too?” Richard asked me. I wheezed out a “Yes” and laid there as he marched in place for a moment before stepping off. Ellen and Rachel were barefoot. My stomach and chest were already red from being walked on over and over, now I had this enormous boot print across my stomach. The heel was crisp and visible on my flesh. When he stepped off, I took in a deep breath. “Ready to try again?” he asked. He didn’t really wait for the response. He turned walked across my stomach again, and that’s how it started. For the next 5 minutes, a man, his wife and his daughter took turns walking across my body, standing and bouncing, posing, and even dancing sometimes before stepping off for the next family members turn.

He was HEAVY. The boots made it feel heavier. I was happy to feel Ellen and Rachel’s soft soles on me in contrast to the hard soles of his boots. After a few minutes, we moved over to the bar for something to hold onto. I wanted to get a few good posed shots. The first few pics were Ellen and Rachel. Ellen stood on my hips and stomach, and Rachel stood on my chest, occasionally teasing me with her toes on my face. Richard was behind the camera, smiling and suggesting poses, usually having to do with Rachel squishing my face, or Ellen pretending she was going to stomp my nuts. After the fake nut stomp pose, he asked, “Has anyone ever done it for real?”. I told him I’d been stomped in the nuts literally hundreds of times over the years. “Is it OK then?” he asked with a grin. I looked up at Rachel standing on my chest. I looked down at my body. Her soft, pretty feet on my chest, her mother standing on my hips, pushing her heel into my stomach. You only live once….

“Sure,” I told him. Ellen didn’t wait. She stomped right into my testicles and I yelped, my body jumping under their feet. Rachel laughed, but kept her balance on my chest. “Don’t kill him, mom!” she giggled as she looked over her shoulder at her mother. “Well, damn” Richard said. “You didn’t give me time..” He flipped out his phone again and started recording. Rachel pushed her little foot down onto my nose and mouth, flattening my lips against my teeth. Her mother stomped my balls again. And again.

Four times this woman stomped on my genitals while her daughter stifled my grunts and yells. Ellen stepped off and Rachel took her foot off my mouth. Her dad stopped recording and laughed. “I only meant to do it once!” he said, looking at Ellen. “Can we all get one last one together?” he asked. I was all for it. Rachel was still standing on my chest. Ellen stepped back up onto my stomach and hips. Richard stood next to my head on the floor and put one huge boot down on the side of my head. He put his arm around his daughter and wife before the camera snapped off the photo.

I wish I still had connections with this family. They were awesome and the most open bunch of people I’ve ever met

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