Trampling Kelly – 1

Theo standing on kelly's stomach

It isn’t often that I meet another foot fetishist or trample enthusiast face to face. It’s even more rare when I meet a woman who likes being trampled. It was even more of a surprise to me that this beautiful woman would even talk to me. Her name is Kelly. I was 35, she was 19. Young, blonde and gorgeous and she loved feet and trample as much as I do. The first time I trampled her was amazing. We’d just finished a movie together at my home. I got up to get us both some drinks when she slid off the couch, onto the floor and lifted her shirt up to her tits. Up to this point, we’d talked about trample online and shared experiences, but this was our first actual “date” face to face.

I walked across her stomach like she was just a rug on the floor

I did what she wanted. I placed my size 10 foot down across her stomach and stepped up onto her. My 190lbs sank easily into her belly and she groaned as I stepped off the other side and continued to the kitchen. When I came back, she was lying in front of the couch with her shirt off, bra still on. I recognized this move. The old “I’m your footrest” position. I obliged. I set her drink down beside her on the floor, stepped onto her stomach, spun and sat down on the couch. I looked down to see her moaning softly, eyes closed and biting her lower lip. I settled in and started another movie as I positioned my feet on her warm stomach and tits.

I sat there for a few moments before deciding that I needed a stretch. She wasn’t expecting it when I suddenly stood up, both feet on her stomach and touched the ceiling for balance. She groaned loudly and ran her hands over her tits. I stood there, looking down on her as she laid there, completely submissive under my feet. After a few bounces, I sat back down and we finished the movie. We had a LOT more trample experiences together after that 🙂

Standing full weight on Kelly’s stomach

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